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Lukaku and the Loan System – Martin Samuel

…From my angle, I’m happy that he’s scoring goals against our direct rivals, and he doesn’t score against us because he can’t,’ said Jose Mourinho of Romelu Lukaku. ‘It’s phenomenal you have a player that, even when he is not playing for you, is scoring against your opponents.’ Indeed it is. Phenomenal, outrageous, diabolical, the […]

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Good Guy: Leighton Baines

The Everton defender is setting the standard amid the rumours and shenanigans over players such as Rooney, Suárez and Bale. At least there’s Leighton Baines. Good old Leighton Baines, still doing the right things, quietly going about his business, despite having known for pretty much the entire summer he has the chance to go to […]

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Meet the real David Moyes – The insiders’ view

Hours after Everton’s goalless draw with Liverpool on 5 May, then-Toffees boss David Moyes was in a pub in Preston buying his dad a pint. He bumped into former North End team-mate Ian Bryson and the two men chatted for a while – just two old colleagues catching up. There was no hint of what […]

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The Damage of the top 4

Guest Post by: afansopinion -MY THOUGHTS ABOUT FOOTBALL, JUST A FANS OPINION With just over 1 month left of the 12/13 Premier League season remaining and with the title race all but sewn up by Manchester United, the subject of who will finish 4th seems to be one of the most talked about in newspapers, […]

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Everton: How David Moyes has reinvented the club

For a team that worked so hard at winning their reputation as the Premier League’s slow starters, the table makes healthy and refreshing reading for Everton and manager David Moyes. Too often in recent times Everton and their supporters have examined the final standings in May and been left wondering what might have been had […]

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Time for the chasing pack to step up

The next 12 days are an anti-holiday for Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal as London’s big three attempt to head-off another year of Mancunian domination. Last May, Manchester looked a lot like the Premier League’s capital and Chelsea and Spurs now trail second-placed City by seven points, with United a further six points up the table. […]

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Pretty football and the Nash equilibrium

Ignore Barcelona. Ignore Spain. Ignore 1982 Brazil, Total Football Holland, and the Invincibles. What if the real footballing lesson about aspiration and beauty lies not in art, but in economics? This I have learned from John Forbes Nash, the Nobel Laureate depicted by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. In the movie version, Crowe/Nash advises […]

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The man who can run a game with his chest

The Belgians have taken the Premier League by storm and there is one man in particular who is leading the way – Marouane Fellaini. It can even be argued that the towering midfielder was partially responsible for Manchester United losing the title to Man City last year given the way he almost single-handledly brought Everton […]

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Tottenham – ADB’s Midfield Problems

With injuries piling up, Spurs’ 1-0 loss against the Latics has highlighted the midfield deficiencies in the Portuguese manager’s squad and the need for January reinforcements. Although Tottenham recruited the likes of Sigurdsson, Dempsey & Dembele in the summer, they were not able to fill the role of a pass-master after shipping out Luka Modric and […]

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From Hero to M’Villain

Yann M’Vila had the world at his feet. Courted by Europe’s leading clubs, he was on the verge of a big money move. What went wrong for the young midfielder? Yann M’Vila became known to Premier League fans this summer, as the Stade Rennais holding midfielder was targeted by various top-flight clubs. His supposed destination […]

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