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Ferguson the Universal Constant – A Barca Fan’s Perspective

It was the first time I was to watch a complete Barcelona game. A live Barcelona game. I couldn’t sit still – the excitement more energizing than any sugar rush. As a nine-year old, I was still some way from truly grasping the intricacies of football; from truly enjoying the art that permeates through the […]

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Why do Arsenal fans hate Piers Morgan

People retweet him, players talk to him, and others think that he’s the voice of Arsenal fans.  More people than is acceptable don’t know why he is so universally hated by Arsenal fans and a lot of those who do know we don’t like him simply think we don’t like him because we disagree with […]

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Lukaku and the Loan System – Martin Samuel

…From my angle, I’m happy that he’s scoring goals against our direct rivals, and he doesn’t score against us because he can’t,’ said Jose Mourinho of Romelu Lukaku. ‘It’s phenomenal you have a player that, even when he is not playing for you, is scoring against your opponents.’ Indeed it is. Phenomenal, outrageous, diabolical, the […]

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The joys of managing Man United

  Is the Manchester United job really that hard, David Moyes? We asked Iain Macintosh to fire up his review copy of ‘Football Manager 2014’ and find out the true perils, if any, of managing at Old Trafford.  JULY  It’s important to start a job like this with a statement, so I make mine by […]

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Only one-third of Premier League players are English

  English footballers account for less than a third of all the minutes played in the Premier League, a State of the Game study for BBC Sport has found. The figure for home country players – 32.26% – is down from 35.43% in 2007-08 and is significantly lower than all other major European leagues according […]

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Fantasy Football – Gameweek 7

It’s a little late but hey better late than never. The best picks from around the web for Gameweek 7! FPL Hints captained Ozil and then Barkley over the last 2 weeks – both of whom have been a hit. So this week they go for Suarez – I say get on the bandwagon!! They […]

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Time to appreciate the Kolarovs of soccer

Let’s talk about Aleksandar Kolarov. Not enough people talk about Aleksandar Kolarov, which is a shame, because he’s a fascinating individual with many varied interests, including botany and Agatha Christie novels. How would you describe Kolarov? Would you suggest that he is a fine footballer, owner of 43 caps for Serbia, possessor of a fierce […]

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United’s fear factor has disappeared under Moyes

Kevin Keen ummed and ahhed and avoided the question. This was way above the pay grade of a West Bromwich Albion assistant manager. He knew the answer, and the answer was yes, but there was no way he could say that. It would be presumptuous, and arrogant, and worse, it might come back to haunt […]

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Fantasy Football – Gameweek 6

For Gameweek 6, TKTG brings you the tips and picks from the best fantasy articles out there, so that you can make informed decisions regarding any transfers you’re considering (or not) : FPL Hints captained Ozil last week! So lets see what he recommends for GW 6. He recommends Vidic, Sidwell, Barkley, Moses, Rooney, Bent, […]

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How do you solve a problem like Manchester United’s midfield?

The drubbing handed out by Manuel Pellegrini’s fast and muscular band is seen as a final confirmation of the summer folly of purchasing only Marouane Fellaini, who was left appearing off the pace and possessing questionable positional sense, which is hardly what £27.5m should buy. The drab 0-0 draw with Chelsea at Old Trafford, the […]

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