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4-4-2 is becoming trendy again

…When Barcelona were Europe’s dominant force between 2009 and 2011, for example, it was extremely difficult to tell whether strategy would move in the first respect (further evolution) or the second respect (a shift toward an opposing style of play). In the end, Bayern’s success last year probably represented a hybrid of the two: They […]

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From Paris To Barcelona – The Transfer That Sparked A Revolution

It can be all too easy to forget Ronaldinho’s role in the creation of today’s Barcelona. Shepherded swiftly towards the exit door by incoming coach Pep Guardiola in the summer of 2008, the brilliant Brazilian would play no part in a team which would go on to become the world’s finest footballing side and be […]

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Where now for Rooney?

When the teams were announced, shockwaves rippled through Twitter. Wayne Rooney, resident superstar with a wage to match and one of the biggest symbols of his club for almost a decade, snubbed in favour of a raw young striker, a flaky Portuguese winger and a 39-year-old legend. The striker himself made no comment, but wife […]

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Deadline Day Analysis – The 5 big moves

So with the Transfer Window firmly shut until the summer, we take the opportunity to present some expert opinions on the five big moves on Deadline Day. You can read the complete article on Sky Sports. Beckham to PSG: Gary Neville: He’s played for some big football clubs in big cities: Milan, Madrid, Manchester, LA […]

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Meet the President

After spending £212m, the president of PSG is well on the way to making the only major club in Paris the envy of Europe. Nasser al-Khelaifi appears fond of the phrase. It is short and punchy, and it serves as something of a mission statement for his presidency of Paris Saint-Germain. “We dream big,” he […]

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Talented Teenagers in the EPL & The NextGen Series

Now that the World Cup qualifiers are finally behind us, we can look forward to a welcome return to club football over the upcoming weekend. If that isn’t exciting enough, we at TKTG thought it would be a good time to get the mouths watering over the talented youngsters that are putting pressure on their […]

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Financial Fair Play (FFP)

  How exactly will Financial Fair Play affect clubs? What exactly is Financial Fair Play? (FPP). TKTG has two articles which explains how FPP will work and how it affects your club. The Swiss Ramble is an excellent source for all things financial in the football world. He looks in detail at FPP and clubs […]

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Ibra deal upsets the French

  As France and the rest of Europe are battling another economic crisis, Matthieu Richard analyses the reasons why the Ibrahimovic transfer has sparked a debate in the French capital.

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Milan will always be huge

” Since 2000, in many ways, AC Milan has been the trendsetter at the top of Italian club soccer. In the past decade, the San Siro club’s transfer policy has influenced the way other clubs in the country operates. When Milan decides to import Brazilians to lead the team, other Italian clubs scour all of […]

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