Milan will always be huge

” Since 2000, in many ways, AC Milan has been the trendsetter at the top of Italian club soccer. In the past decade, the San Siro club’s transfer policy has influenced the way other clubs in the country operates.

When Milan decides to import Brazilians to lead the team, other Italian clubs scour all of South America looking for their versions of Thiago Silva or Alexandre Pato. If Milan decides to stick with aging veterans, using top fitness coaches to keep them going, other top Serie A clubs like Inter and Juventus follow suit.

Now, with the recent sale of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris Saint-Germain in a deal reportedly worth around 62 million euros, many claim that Milan and Serie A’s decline has manifested, that neither can attract the top stars that it did in the 1990s. Milan midfielder Mathieu Flamini disagrees with that point  and argues that Milan will continue to be a top power.”

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