Talented Teenagers in the EPL & The NextGen Series


Now that the World Cup qualifiers are finally behind us, we can look forward to a welcome return to club football over the upcoming weekend. If that isn’t exciting enough, we at TKTG thought it would be a good time to get the mouths watering over the talented youngsters that are putting pressure on their respective club managers to include them in this weekend’s squad sheets. Some of the names selected by F365.com in its Top Ten: Teenagers in the Premier League list have already seen action this season while the others are surely hoping to get some playing time soon, even the minutes they do get end up being in the League Cup only.

While on the topic of promising youngsters, it is interesting to note a recent development known as The NextGen Series, which is “an international football tournament like no other, where twenty-four of the world’s best football clubs showcase their stars of the future in an exciting international knockout competition.” In this tournament, top teenagers (under-19) from Europe’s greatest clubs such as Barcelona, Liverpool, Inter Milan, PSV, Chelsea, Juventus and Arsenal get the chance to develop at an exceptional level in a highly competitive environment. This initiative bodes well for the development of top players of the future and its impact on upcomers like Raheem Sterling has been hailed by Liverpool’s ex-manager Kenny Dalgish, he states that “you can see the benefits of the experience he gained in the fact that he is in the reckoning for the first team at Anfield now. You will see the same kind of thing happening at other clubs involved in NextGen, too.” Interestingly, Liverpool’s ex-manager is of the opinion that “development (has) nothing to do with the national set-up. Development is the responsibility of the clubs.” Whether or not you agree with “King Kenny”, you can now catch the current NextGen matches broadcasted live on Eurosport.

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