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The Differentgame – takes a look atHow can a professional footballer not even beat the first man from a corner?

Over the season United swung in 137 near post corners, 51 far post corners and quite surprisingly (to non-United fans like me at least) took 92 short corners.

Unless professional footballers are even more woefully inaccurate than most think, they’re hitting near post corners on purpose. They’re therefore deliberately increasing the risk of not clearing the first man. But why?

Read the rest of the article for the break down of his analysis which is summarized below:

Near post corners offer the shortest route to goal. There’s less luck needed for a goal to happen.

Short corner routines retain possession until a better angle for a cross is reached and gives time for defenders to be pulled out of position. It shortens the odds of a goal happening.

Far post corners almost seem like a lottery in comparison given the examples. Only 1 in 50 was a simple knock back across goal before someone put it in. Nobody stuck a far post corner straight in the net.

So next time you hear someone say “just get it in the box” after a short corner, or “he can’t even beat the first man” once a near post corner is cleared, you’ll know better than to nod in agreement.

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