Archive | September 23, 2012

Everton success out of left field

It can be said that Everton regularly exceeds the expectations of most followers of the English Premier League. David Moyes, their mercurial manager, has taken his side into Europe four times over the past eight years despite not having significant resources available to him. This commendable record has been achieved through astute recruitment of talent, […]

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Bend it like… Babar?

“Football has really picked up among youngsters in recent years because people have had more exposure to the sport on television than ever before,” says Khan. Before 1999, Pakistan Television was the only source for Pakistanis to watch international football competitions. Then the satellite dish service arrived and became the avenue for local audiences to […]

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Passing Grade – Stats of the Premier League

Tiki-Taka. The recent success of the Spanish national team and that of Barcelona has brought the term into mainstream usage, where it refers to a style of play based around short passes and possession. The idea behind the style is to stretch the opposition and force them to change their shape, thus creating space, through […]

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