A new brief for Di Matteo

Richard Folly of ESPN Soccernet informs us of the challenges that face Chelsea’s (now permanent) manager, Roberto Di Matteo and the changing of the guard that he may have to oversee.

“Even in Roberto Di Matteo’s finest two hours, a living warning stood a matter of metres away. As Chelsea eventually overcame Bayern Munich to end their expensive, enthralling quest to win the Champions League, the Italian may have glimpsed his own future.

Jupp Heynckes, now Bayern manager, was sacked by Real Madrid after winning their first European Cup in 32 years. Di Matteo has avoided that fate but the delay before his belated appointment as Chelsea boss shows there could have been an undeserved sequel.

Success is not supposed to be greeted by such ingratitude, but this is Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea. More than three weeks after Didier Drogba’s parting contribution secured the Champions League, after Liverpool, Aston Villa, Norwich City and West Bromwich Albion had acted rather quicker to recruit new managers of their own, after much of Chelsea’s summer transfer business was arranged, a deal with Di Matteo was eventually concluded…”

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