Archive | July 30, 2012

Rodgers outlines his Liverpool plans

Brendan Rodgers has presented Liverpool’s owners with a 180 page dossier that forensically details his vision for transforming the club’s fortunes. After he was brought into succeed Kenny Dalglish in June, Rodgers met with John W Henry, the principal figure in Fenway Sports Group, to discuss his strategy and footballing ideologies; that meeting provided Henry […]

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Who Could Improve The Top Eight?

 All targets are based on a specific area of each team that needs improvement, and are players that could make a significant difference to each side. They are also realistic targets, otherwise we’d just stick Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in every team. Continue reading how Nick Miller feels the top 8 clubs can be […]

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Talent equals Success. Or does it?

If you were wondering where that godawful music is coming from, it’s the soundtrack to the latest Lucas Moura highlights reel on YouTube that has Manchester United fans glued to the screen. But unlike the immediately acquired knowledge that Basshunter was sent to this earth to poison our ears and, in severe cases, induce comas, […]

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