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ToKnowTheGame has compiled the best fantasy articles from across the web to help you in the first week of the Premiership. Remember to join our league at the official game by clicking here or if the link is not working enter with the following code: 101892-53185.

Fantasy Yirma

” In the past 3 seasons of official fantasy football game Tom K has been exceptionally consistent. 3 top 10,000 performances culminated last year with an unbelievable finishing place of 204th with a massive points tally of 2306.  Let’s put this in perspective people 204th out of 2,500,000+ is not bad at all!!!

We wanted to put Tom on the spot and ask him for some insight on how he manages his teams – he did not disappoint. Here are his thoughts on how to go about looking after your fantasy team and maximising opportunities….”


The award winning Never Captain Nicky Butt gives his preview on goalkeeper picks for the upcoming year.

” We are just a few days away from the Fantasy Premier League Gameweek One kickoff. Amazing. Over the next few days, we are going to round out our preview articles with 4 new original posts – FPL tips for goalkeepers, defenders, and forwards – as well as our traditional Gameweek 1 preview. Let’s start with the crazy guys in between the posts “

To round up

Never Manage Alone also give their first week picks with a break up of: (Please note that the NMA post is for the Yahoo game; however it should still assist you in your selection)

– Who the Schedule Loves and Hates

– Forwards, Midfield, Defense and Goalkeepers.

” So, with that caveat out of the way, on to the first analysis of the schedule and which players you should be considering and ultimately picking for that most blessed occasion, the first weekend of the fantasy Premier League season.” 

and a new update from the NMA blog where the Assistant Manager has some player picks for the Yahoo game. Again these suggestions can very well be used for the official fantasy game as well.

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One Comment on “Fantasy Football Tips”

  1. fantasyyirma August 15, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Big thanks to TKTG for picking up and showcasing our article from our previous winner. Great site guys.

    The TKTG team and followers are all more than welcome to join our mini league also.. free to play with a £50 prize on offer for 1st place at the end of the season – code is 44397- 15005



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