RVP Transfer – The Ramifications

Everyone has an opinion on who benefits, who got the better deal and how this will affect both clubs. TKTG has compiled the best articles regarding the entire RVP transfer and what it means for both Manchester United and Arsenal.


Amy Lawrence in the Guardian feels this was a very good business for Arsenal as £20m-plus for a 29-year-old with a shaky injury history, replaced by three younger international attackers, does not sound such a terrible piece of business.

However  Richard Jolly at Soccernet feels that this is the best coup for Fergie “Essentially, though, it is about the red halves of North London and Manchester and about two veteran managers – one turned Van Persie into the most feared forward in the country and one who then signed him. He is Ferguson’s greatest transfer-market coup for a long, long time.”

From the Republik of Mancunia – a Manchester United blog who writes “ I had come up with several reasons why the transfer wouldn’t be ideal for United (and I will address these later) but my reaction last night to learning that we had agreed a fee with Arsenal gave away my true feelings about the situation. Like most reds, I was over the moon……United rarely sign players of the calibre of van Persie. United now have the top two scorers from last season playing for us. That is huge.”

…… “The final drawback is the fact everyone can see that United are crying out for a player to boss our midfield, so if we can afford top wages and a decent transfer fee, why haven’t we made an effort to lure Luka Modric or Javi Martinez? With the options we have available to us up front, van Persie is definitely a luxury signing. Whilst I don’t begrudge the club taking the opportunity to sign someone of van Persie’s quality, it certainly makes our lack of interest in any central midfielders all the more puzzling.

RoM looks at both the positives and negatives for Man U to sign RVP. Continue reading RoM’s reaction to signing RVP.

While Arseblog writes “They’ll pay him £200,000+ a week by all accounts, and to my mind that makes this move as much about money as if he’d gone to City. I know United have a far better pedigree than their neighbours and are a team that always challenges for the title, but let’s not be blind to the fact that the money is a big factor in this also.”

” I have to say, I do hate the revisionism that follows any player leaving, with none of his qualities highlighted and only the negatives dwelt upon, but £24m for a 29 year old with an injury record like van Persie’s is a good deal for Arsenal. It’s important that the money doesn’t just sit in the bank though, there is further room to improve the squad this summer and I hope that’s exactly what we do.” 

Continue reading Arseblog’s reaction to RVP leaving.

Over at the Telegraph, Mark Ogden writes “On the face of it, the prospect of Wayne Rooney playing in tandem with last season’s Premier League top goalscorer and the double Footballer of the Year is mouth-watering.HOWEVER he also warns United fans thatRooney rarely looked happy alongside Ruud van Nistelrooy and, although Rooney has shown glimpses of an understanding with Dimitar Berbatov and Javier Hernández, his best form has been as the focal point of the attack.  Who will occupy that role now? It is safe to assume that Rooney and Van Persie will be asked to play as split strikers, with one just behind the other, but their early games will provide an interesting insight into what the future holds.”

 In the same article, Jeremey Wilson looks at Arsenal and how “The loyalty of the players was to themselves not Arsenal and, while that might be regrettable, there will also be those queuing up to tell Wenger that he was naive to ever think it could be different. Van Persie has gone primarily because he shares the fear of many supporters that this squad is no longer good enough to win major trophies. Proving Van Persie wrong now represents the greatest and defining challenge of Wenger’s career.”

Continue Reading What the Robin Van Persie deal means for both Manchester United and Arsenal.

Interestingly the BBC reports that RVP wanted to stay but it was actually Wenger who sold him. “It is understood Van Persie was encouraged by the arrivals of Germany forward Lukas Podolski, France striker Olivier Giroud and Spain midfielder Cazorla – to the point where he was open to the idea of staying with or without a new contract.

 But Wenger pulled him aside shortly before Sunday’s friendly victory over Cologne,  told him he would be sold if a deal could be reached and informed the Dutchman he was no longer part of his plans.

 Formal discussions between Arsenal and United began immediately, with Gazidis and United chief executive David Gill agreeing a fee of £22.5m on Tuesday, only for it to be vetoed by Wenger as he held out for £25m.”


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