Alex Song – Good Enough for Barca?


The latest departure from Arsenal to Barcelona sees Alexander Song move for £15 million. Similar to the RVP there are many various opinions – is he good enough for Barca? Did Arsenal sell one of their better midfielders or cash in on their weakest link? ToKnowTheGame compiles the best from around the web.

The Barcelona View

The Barcelona players and correspondent at Soccernet seem to think so. This was what was said and written before the transfer Sergio Busquets recently explained: “Another player in my position would be welcome. Alex Song is a very good player – young, a hard worker, with lots of physical power.” Andres Iniesta also praised Arsenal’s 24 year-old, adding: “Technically, Alex Song is a very good player and is also very strong physically too. If he comes to Barcelona would be because he has the qualities to play here and we’d welcome him.”

Over at Bleacher Report “There is no guarantee that Song would start for Barca, but he can come into a game and make a difference. He is capable of playing midfield and defense, so his versatility makes him an attractive asset. Song is not much of a scorer, but the team does not need him to be one. Lionel Messi and David Villa will lead the attack. Song has the ability to set others up, but his value comes on defense. He is a physical player who can keep opponents from having a consistent offense. The 24-year-old is a good player and his addition will help Barca regain the top spot in La Liga.”. Bleacher Report on Alex Song.

The Arsenal View

The Daily Mail reports that the “Club sources claim Song’s levels of professionalism had dropped significantly in recent months and Wenger decided enough was enough earlier this summer. Sources also say Song regularly arrived late for training, took a half-hearted approach in sessions and did not follow instructions from the management staff.

However this has been denied by sources close to the player who stresses that Arsenal refused to offer a new contract and are now accusing Alex Song of being unprofessional as  “They’re (Arsenal are) covering themselves because they’re being killed by the fans,” claimed the source. “I know it’s [a senior Arsenal executive] covering his a***.”

Ginger 4 Limpar an Arsenal blog looks at both camps “In the purple corner, we have those who ask why the club has chosen to sell its most creative player of last season (in terms of assists), having already lost its top goalscorer. Song is only 24, marking yet another loss of a player approaching what should be his prime years.

Meanwhile in the red and white corner, with a dark blue collar, we have those who cite the alleged change in attitude that Song is believed to have adopted in recent months. He is said to have acted appallingly and entirely lost the confidence and respect of the manager. The transfer reveals Arsene’s new hardline, uncompromising approach to pampered prima donnas who aren’t committed to the club, we’re told.

So which to believe?

Arseblog says “Now, after his best season ever, Song’s decision to play up for a move to Barcelona must feel like something of a betrayal to Wenger. After all the work he’s put into him, after the patience, support, understanding and everything else, the first time his loyalty has been tested he’s decided to jump ship.”

And “Last season his assists for van Persie, and that one for Thierry’s goal against Leeds,  highlighted the creative part of his game very well. I don’t think I was alone, however, in thinking he was a player who often ignored simple options to try the more difficult pass. I know that’s a weight that a ‘creative’ player has to carry but it was frustrating to see balls lofted over the top and out for goal kicks when he had perfectly good options left and right. There was a sense he was playing for himself (shop window, perhaps?) rather than for the team.”

And finally from  Barcelona beware: Why Alex Song is one of the most overrated players in the world. “Supporters cite Song’s 14 assists last season as evidence of his quality, but the midfielder’s job at Arsenal was to prevent goals, not create them. Rogerio Ceni has scored more than 100 times for Sao Paulo, but that doesn’t make him a great goalkeeper.

…..Song is too undisciplined to be an anchorman. When his teammates are in possession, he can’t resist the urge to join in offensively – thus vacating his post and leaving his side open to punishing counterattacks. When the opposition has the ball, Song’s spatial awareness, positioning and reading of the game are poor.”

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