Sid Lowe – La Liga returns



” Sometimes, somehow, football finds a way. The opening night of the new season was one of those times. They can sell your best players, asset-strip your dreams, cut the cable on the back of your TV, and destroy your chances of winning anything ever again. They can try to empty stadiums of fans and fill newspapers with water. They can make you play when its so hot you faint or so late your star striker says he should be in bed. And actually mean sleeping. You can wake a few hours later, wearily facing the week ahead, and realise that there are three matches left, one of which is the “general interest” match which doesn’t interest you at all. Then it dawns on you that this week’s round of games is kind of over but won’t actually be over until Monday night.

Or, in fact, Tuesday morning.

You can imagine them sitting round a big table, Muttley sniggering below, as they ask the question: “right then, gentlemen, any more brilliant suggestions as to how we screw the league this time?” You can do all that, and so can they, but still they won’t entirely succeed. Sometimes, somehow, football finds a way. Not for very long – reality has a nasty habit of getting in the way – but for one brief, ecstatic, melting moment.

It would not be the start of the Spanish season if there wasn’t a risk of the Spanish season not starting. And, four days after the threat of a walk-out by 13 clubs was averted, two days after a provisional agreement was reached about who would be showing it, La Liga finally got underway.”

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