OPTA Data available for free


OPTA stats and rankings for finishing, passing, headers, creativity, dribbling are now available for free by singing up at the Manchester City website. Unleash the nerd inside!

“Register your interest in this project and we will send you our OPTA data set for every ‘on the ball’ event for every Premier League player in every match in the entire 2011-12 Premier League season FOR FREE.

This data is designed to be broken down, analysed, graphed and visualised however you see fit.  We have made it available to encourage and inspire the next level of analytics.  Our hope is that the data is used to create new performance measures, tools for player/team comparison and profiling, season-long analysis for benchmarking players’ performance and contextualising these performances based on playing position and opposition.”

For a quick look before singing up you can access the Guardian website where they have the data sorted out. From our quick glance at the raw scores of each category we found some interesting stats:

Best Finisher: No surprise as Robin van Persie was first but Balotelli is ranked 2nd and Suarez as 5th. (Aguero is 7th)

Highest score for dribbling: Dembele from Fulham followed by Nani – Ox, Ramires are ranked higher than Suarez.

Score First Touch: Walcott in third place? Ngog in 7th and Bendtner in 9th?

Best Header (Attacking): Fletcher from Wolves followed by RVP and Benayoun.

Score: Passing: Arteta followed by Yaya Toure and then Carrick, Scholes, Britton (Swansea) and then Modric.

Score: Creativity: Modric, Silva, Mata, Sigurdsson, Nasri, RVP, van der Vaart.(sounds like a perfect fantasy football team)

Score: Strength: Dembele and Sandro as the top 2 but surprised to see Evra (5) Arteta (8) and Carrick (17) so high on the list.

To read more about the project and to sign up visit the Man City website.

For access to some date visit the Guardian website.

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One Comment on “OPTA Data available for free”

  1. Henry August 20, 2016 at 3:59 pm #

    Is the data still available? I’m a g12 student who’s in need of a full-season set of data to complete my math project, but I couldn’t find any free sources!

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