What now for Spurs?

Finally, this summer’s most protracted transfer saga has come to an end. Spurs have announced that they had reached an agreement with Real Madrid over the transfer of Luka Modric. The fee has been quoted to be around £33 million, which ensures that Tottenham and AVB in particular have a significant amount of money to spend before the transfer window shuts later this week. Amy Lawrence from the Guardian takes a closer look at the transfer and how Spurs should move forward.

“The way in which Tottenham Hotspur crafted their notice about the impending sale of Luka Modric was intriguing to say the least. “The club can announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Real Madrid FC and reached agreement for the transfer of Luka Modric,” reads the message on the official website. Can it have possibly been an accident that the first clause references the supposedly senior angle about the new working relationship and the player sale trails in afterwards?

Nobody can blame Tottenham for trying to sugarcoat the news that their most refined performer is leaving. It is hard to be positive about losing a valued player with plenty of peak years ahead of him. But looking at the bigger picture, Spurs can reflect over their Modric experience with some satisfaction. They enjoyed four years of service from the Croat, doubled their money when it came to his departure, and avoided the humiliation of selling to a direct rival. Daniel Levy’s comment about being pleased that the deal was struck with Real does not require much reading between the lines to emphasise how pleasing it is that it was not somebody rather closer to home.

A year ago there was a very pointed intervention from on high to ensure that Modric did not waltz off to Stamford Bridge. As it turns out, it is perfectly possible that Chelsea may not have felt the need to recruit Eden Hazard if they had been successful with last summer’s big bid for Modric. So perhaps everybody’s happy enough with the outcome. Well, not quite. Not yet, anyway. Tottenham’s happiness regarding the Modric sale will only be measurable come Friday night. The critical issue is plain enough: how much of their current transfer surplus will be spent, and on whom?”

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