Ticket prices: – a rip off?


An Arsenal blog – “Where has our Arsenal gone?” or the BSM as they are known are mainly concerned about | What we won’t accept is a club that takes its supporters for granted. A club that clobbers fans in the pocket because it thinks it can. That’s why we’re here and why we will continue to work towards real results for supporters.”

Many of you reading this will be on a daily wage of somewhere between £63 and £103. If so, please contemplate how your typical working day goes, along with the hassle of travel. Your reward for that day’s shift is being able to afford one Grade A game of football at the Emirates.  It might be a good match, it might not be. Either way you’ll have to sacrifice a whole day’s income to be there.  

How did we get to this point?….

Not that rest of the clubs in this land can be defended for their pricing structure. Are the BSM pointing the finger solely at Arsenal here? No, absolutely not – the prices our away fans are being charged is simply outrageous; £45 for Stoke, £49 for Man City, £50 for West Ham, the list goes on with Spurs, Fulham and Chelsea set to top the list with prices of £60+.

We’ve got to this point because the game is cleverly marketed as out-and-out entertainment; a bit like going to the theatre which is now commonly used as a comparison to football. Some of us take strong issue with that perception of the game’s culture, as we see football as a way of life, not a privilege where you have to pick and choose which games you go to.


Would you sacrifice a day’s wages to watch a film? As far as good value for money goes, modern football just doesn’t provide it, especially when you base the cost of your ticket on other things you could have bought.

Just think about how much music you could buy with funds of £62, or for the four figure price of a season ticket. That’s a lot of music and hours of entertainment. Also take into consideration that if you were disappointed with a choice of purchase you made, a shop like HMV will allow you to take the product back so that you can exchange it. If football clubs had a similar policy, then the game between Arsenal v Chelsea last season would have had 60,000 refunds.

This article was written by Matthew Bazell – read the rest of the article on his website. Author of the book Theatre of Silence: The Lost Soul of Football.

You can purchase a copy of this superb book (paperback or Kindle edition) by clicking on the book covers on the main website.

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