Torres: I did not care if Chelsea won or lost




Fernando Torres has admitted he became exactly the kind of player he had always despised when he reached a point where he did not care if Chelsea won or lost. The Spain striker says he has refound himself since the dark days of last season and has learned to become a different player in order to serve the team above himself. He has also insisted that he has no regrets about joining Liverpool but admits that the way he left Anfield was “not the best”.

“Halfway through last season, I distanced myself from the values I had grown up with,” Torres told El País. Catharsis and confession come together in a remarkable interview with the paper’s reporter Lu Martín, which reveals the Spaniard’s self-awareness and hints at the emotional journey that Torres has undertaken.

“I had team-mates who didn’t care if the team won or lost because they were not playing,” Torres said. “I never wanted to be like that. [But] one day I discovered that I was like them, that it didn’t matter it we won or lost if I was not playing. I wasn’t part of the group. I discovered that I was not happy because I had stopped being what I had always wanted to be. In the dressing room, you can never lose that group concept.”

“But I learned to look at myself and to realise that the only person that can change is you. The only person who can say: ‘You’re making mistakes, you’ve got to do something’ is you.”

Torres added that he found that his game changed under André Villas-Boas and that contributed to his frustration but that with time he found satisfaction in a more selfless role.

Find out what else Torres had to say about his turbulent time at Chelsea and the successful stint at Liverpool.

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