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— for the first time in the professional game’s history in England — an allegation of racism against a referee.

Mikel responded after team-mates David Luiz and Ramires told him they believed he had been racially abused by the FIFA official moments after he was booked at Stamford Bridge.

…Mikel did not hear the alleged abuse, but Ramires and Luiz are prepared to make statements saying they did.

In the explosive scenes that followed the final whistle, Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo and chief executive Ron Gourlay had to stop Mikel attacking Clattenburg during the confrontation.

…Mikel wanted to know why Torres had been booked for a second time when Chelsea’s players were convinced he had been caught by Jonny Evans on his way through on goal in the 68th minute. When Clattenburg told Mikel to keep quiet and to get on with the game, the Nigeria midfielder continued to protest.

…Clattenburg booked him for dissent in the 76th minute and it is at this moment that Ramires and Luiz allege they heard the midfielder being racially abused by a referee who is known for having a dismissive and patronising tone when he talks to players about their behaviour.Mikel was immediately told about the allegation, but decided to wait until after the game to confront Clattenburg with the claims.Chelsea have also confirmed a separate incident, understood to involve Juan Mata, after claims that Clattenburg called him ‘a Spanish t**t’.Mata is an astute and intelligent professional and, according to sources at the club, he was visibly shocked when he heard Clattenburg’s insult.

…During those discussions, Gourlay decided to press ahead with a complaint to match delegate Nick Cusack and arranged for some of the details to be made public at 7.45 that evening.Chelsea’s deliberations were the reason for the delay between the final whistle and Di Matteo’s appearance at his post-match press briefing.Clattenburg, as required by the FA, then filed details of an ‘extraordinary incident’ at Stamford Bridge overnight.Read the entire report on “Revealed: What happened during the minutes of mayhem that led to referee Clattenburg facing racist abuse claims”


Mark Clattenburg – the referee who can whistle up a storm.

Chelsea’s complaint against Mark Clattenburg is not the first time the referee has been involved in controversy

Jan 2005 Pedro Mendes ‘goal’ (United vs Spurs)

Oct 2007 Tony Hibbert sent off (Everton vs Liverpool)

Aug 2008 Sacked over business dealings
Dec 2009 Craig Bellamy accusation
Oct 2010 Nani goal stands (United vs Spurs)
Read the detail report on the above incidents ” Mark Clattenburg – the referee who can whistle up a storm


Mark Clattenburg: high flyer who courted controversy on and off field.

…Still only 37 and now ranked among the world’s foremost officials, Clattenburg openly enjoys the trappings of success. He has embraced the 21st century’s “look at me” celebrity culture to the extent that, with his love of expensive sports cars, designer labels and artfully applied hair gel, he could easily be confused with the Premier League footballers he is paid to control.

…In recent years Clattenburg’s “matey” refereeing style has, on occasion, created on-field sparks. Sometimes his casual, chatty approach towards the game’s multimillionaire players works superbly, at others it raises hackles among a breed known for their sensitivity to being “dis-respected” and, on Sunday, it left him fighting to save his career.

Almost four years ago Clattenburg made headlines when his £40,000 Black Porsche Boxster was vandalised outside his smart apartment in Lanesbrough Court, a gated complex in the affluent Newcastle suburb of Gosforth. A former girlfriend and business partner of the referee was subsequently arrested and questioned by police in connection with the incident.

Earlier in 2008 he had been sacked by the Professional Game Match Officials board pending a probe into his business affairs following allegations that he owed £60,000 as a result of a failed venture as the co-owner of an electrical company.

In February 2009 Clattenburg was reinstated as a Select Group Referee on appeal but suspended for eight months from 6 August 2008 – the date of his original ban – for “issues relating to his private and business affairs”. The Newcastle Evening Chronicle reported that Clattenburg’s suspension was related partly to anonymous allegations of gambling, domestic violence and drug taking relayed to a senior PGMO official in an unsigned letter. Although the referee vehemently denied the claims, the governing body was duty bound to investigate complaints it has consistently refused to comment on.

…Identified as a high flyer by Fifa, he has been widely expected to be the English referring representative at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. At the London Olympics Clattenburg refereed the final between Brazil and Mexico, with his performance impressing Fifa and confirming PGMO’s opinion that he ranks as one of their brightest talents. Whether or not he can emerge from the shadow cast by Chelsea’s allegations remains to be seen.

Read Mark Clattenburg: high flyer who courted controversy on and off field


Revealed: Amazing details of ‘bar brawl’ in ref Clattenburg’s room at Chelsea.

Mark Clattenburg is understood to have told the FA that John Obi Mikel hurled expletive-laden threats in the referees’ room after Chelsea’s loss to Manchester United.

…Clattenburg has filed an “extraordinary incident report”.

In it, he is believed to have listed an explosive time-line of events that took place during a confrontation in his designated area that sources claim descended into scenes resembling “a pub brawl”.

Extraordinary incident reports are normally filed when referees believe an incident has taken place that falls outside their jurisdiction on a match-day and into that of the FA.

…Yet while Clattenburg found himself at the centre of the unprecedented accusations, the latest shocking claims could lead to problems for the European champions.

They would come in addition to the hot water in which they find themselves following the behaviour of supporters who aimed coins and a seat at celebrating United players on Sunday.

…The party consisted of chief executive Ron Gourlay, manager Roberto Di Matteo, his assistant Eddie Newton and Mikel.

They had gone into the referee’s room demanding a reponse from Clattenburg after making the claim that the official had insulted two of their players.

Clattenburg, who had sent off Chelsea players Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres and allowed a United winner scored by an offside player, refused.

Matters quickly became heated, with Mikel seen and heard screaming in the direction of Clattenburg.

Banging and shouting could be heard coming from the referee’s dressing room.

Seconds later, tunnel security staff rushed into the room to come between the two parties.

They were followed into what is an enclosed area by Chelsea captain John Terry,

…Di Matteo later confirmed at his press conference that he had been to see the referee.

But he did not reveal the incendiary events that had also taken place in Clattenburg’s room.

An hour after Di Matteo had concluded his media duties, Chelsea confirmed they were lodging a complaint with Premier League match delegate Nick Cusack, relating to “inappropriate language” used by Clattenburg towards two players.

Although the club refused to elaborate on the nature of what was said, they were understood to be claiming Clattenburg had used language that could be interpreted as racially offensive.

At least three Chelsea players are said to be ready to give statements to the FA’s disciplinary committee.

Read the entire report on how the ” Blues’ chief exec, manager, assistant coach and John Obi Mikel stormed in to grill the official, followed by security staff and even skipper John Terry”

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