PSG Secure New Commercial Agreement


While the world is focusing on the Champions League Draw,  many might have missed this bit of news.  ESPNFC has reported that PSG has signed a new EUR 150 Mln a year deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority.   Is it a brilliant marketing deal or a slap-in-the-face  for FFP?  

Paris Saint-Germain have clinched a massive deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority that will bring the Ligue 1 leaders more than €150 million over each of the next four seasons.

The agreement with the QTA, a body linked to the Qatari state that is aimed at promoting tourism in the Arab state, was revealed to French football’s financial watchdog, the DNCG, on Tuesday, Le Parisien reports. It is not a sponsorship agreement but a “vast publicity campaign intended to promote the image of Qatar”, the paper adds.

Retroactive for 2012, it will boost PSG’s coffers by €150 million for the current campaign, increasing progressively to a minimum of €200 million in its final season, 2015-2016. That sum could be even larger, with the contract containing bonus clauses based on the team’s performances in European competition.

The initial influx of revenue will help balance PSG’s books for the current season, and keep them in line with UEFA Financial Fair Play guidelines. With European football’s governing body taking into account clubs’ finances as of the 2011-12 season, the deal with the QTA is a major boost for PSG. A recent France Football article had claimed nothing short of victory in the Champions League final this season would ensure the club met UEFA criteria.

Continue reading the ESPNFC report by Ian Holyman.

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