RvP – Who is Tchuna?

When Robin van Persie scored this weekend against WBA he revealed a message “RIP Tchuna. We Will Never Forget.”



Twitter and other social media initially thought that Tchuna is the name of the Indian girl who died in Singapore after being gang-raped in Delhi (may she rest in peace). Her name has been circulated in India as Damini.

It is not the name of the Dutch linesman as well who was kicked to death in Holland. His name is Richard Nieuwenhuizen.

Daily Mail claim that Manchester United have contacted them to tell them that Tchuna is a close friend of Robin who died 24 hours before the match. It has also been reported on Sky Sports.

Latest Update: Omer at TKTG contacted Manchester United to inquire about Tchuna and the Enquires department at MUFC replied as below.

“Thank you for your email.

It is our understanding that Tchuna was a friend of Robin’s but we have forwarded your enquiry on to the Media Manager who will be able to provide you with the information you are seeking. “

Update: It might also be a celebrity hairdresser who also happened to be Robin van Persie’s friend as well.

P.S. According to 101 Goals “Van Persie, technically, might not have committed an offence under the laws of the game, since the attached rule specifies only that a player must be booked if “he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt”. The striker kept his shirt on and lifted it to under his chin– hence not covering it.

Then again, van Persie may have been in contravention of a separate passage which states that, “A player removing his jersey to reveal slogans [and it is later specified that these can be of a personal, as well as a commercial nature] … will be sanctioned by the competition organiser.”

There is no consistency here, and that is simply ridiculous.”

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