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Happy New Year to all our Fans and Followers!!

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After a hectic few weeks of Festive shenanigans we’re finally back!!! Just in time to bring you the GW22 preview! First off we’d like to wish everyone a “Happy New Year” and we hope you had an excellent Christmas. As we all know it was a hectic week and a half, as most teams played four games in twelve games!

This is usually the part of the season which separates the men from the boys as, the less fanatic managers seem to get left behind as they tend not to update there teams and forget about the huge amount of fixtures over the Xmas period! Unfortunately tho this great period of football is over as we return to just those weekend fixtures!


The biggest fixture for GW22 is undoubtedly the game between United and Liverpool which kicks off on the Sunday at 13.30. From a fantasy football perspective the attention will mainly be on Luis Suarez (value 10.3 selected by 27.9%) and Robin Van Persie (value 14.0 selected by 41.8%). Valued at 10.3 you would have to say Suarez is much better value than Van Persie 14.0. Suarez has scored 15 goals while RVP has scored 16, RVP has nine assists to his name while Suarez only has 5. In total RVP has collected 149 points while Suarez so far has received 127. All this proves is that perhaps by a Margin RVP is the more consistent of the two players.

Fellaini V Michu


This game week we are going to see the two most in form players of the season come head to head as Fellaini’s Everton are at home to Michu’s Swansea. Michu (value 8.2 selected by 45.3) was up until GW20 enjoying a spell up front as a lone striker, unfortunately now tho he is back playing in his more familiar center midfield role. Although I recognise that this IS his best position, from a fantasy football point of view its not the best situation as obviously he won’t be getting into as many goal scoring positions as he had before. Fellaini (value 7.4 selected by 27.1%) on the other hand had up until GW21 been suspended for three games after head butting Ryan Shawcross (value 6.0 selected by 31.2%). He returned however last week when Everton took on Newcastle and managed to add another assist to his name! Valued now at only 7.4 after being dropped like a hot potato it’s time to forgive and forget!

Stoke next and we focus on their defence after what has been a very rocky patch for them lately! Many managers may be wondering about and thinking about dropping some of their usually solid stoke defenders and keepers, but our advice is don’t! Fair enough they may have conceded three goals at home to Southampton but remember Shawcross was suspended, they may have also conceded three goals on Wednesday to City but let’s not forget they were playing the league champions and as Tony Pulis said after the game its 220million pounds in the difference! Yes they are playing Chelsea in their next game but as QPR showed at the weekend clean sheets against Chelsea are not impossible for the smaller sides!

Dimitar Berbatov (value 7.1 selected by 11.9%) seems to have found his shooting boots again and as we said in our GW19review it’s no surprise that the return of Brian Ruiz (value 5.4 selected by 1.3%) has effected his game. Ruiz has played only 12 games so far this season and in that time he has scored two goals but he has also contributed with eight assists! Perhaps the most underrated Fantasy player this season as he is being selected by only 1.3% of you. With two of Fulham’s next three fixtures against Wigan and West Ham he should be a shoe in for your team! Particularly if your looking for a cheap differential!!

After we first published this article it was announced that Chelsea and Southampton were to have a double game week this week! So a quick look at who from Chelsea and Southampon you may add to your team. Starting with Southampton, and if you have a cheap midfielder in you’re starting team then dump him (unless it’s Sterling as you may not be able to afford to put him back in!) and get in Jason Puncheon value 4.9 selected by 9% he so far this season has already scored two and assisted six giving him a total of 70points. Another consideration has to be Rickie Lambert valued at 6.2 and selected by 11.5% he has scored eight goals and assisted in two bringing his total so far to 95! From a Chelsea perspective it’s a ase of who do you want! Any of the “three amigo’s” are certain to pick up points but we have decided to stick with new boy Ba valued at 8.6 and rising selected by 31.9% and Swapped out Leighton Baines value 7.5 selected by 20.1% for Ashley Cole, value 6.5 selected by 16.1%. This week we have now five players playing with a double game week after making just two transfers, could be a risk but more than likely if you pick the right players it won’t be!

We finish up this week with a quick reminder that all players competing in the African Cup of Nations will be beginning shortly. Some players have already left early such as Yaya Toure of Manchester City and others have been over looked such as Shola Ameobi of Newcastle United. The best thing to do, is to follow us on Twitter and we will announce which players will be going and staying as we hear it. A big one at the moment is Emmanuel Adebayor of Spurs who has not decided yet to join up with Togo or not.

We hope you enjoyed are GW22 preview as much as we enjoyed being back for our first post of 2013! Remember to follow us on Twitter @footballultra or on Facebook by clicking “here”

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