Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs unite versus big spending rivals

Arsenal, Spurs, Manchester United and Liverpool have written to the FA for stricter financial fair play rules. Below is a copy of the letter obtained from the Daily Mail. The letter was sent on Arsenal’s letterhead.



Chelsea, Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion and Fulham oppose and spending controls while the others (besides the other 4) favour some form of compromise control.

‘ ‘Thank you for your continued work on the vital subject of Financial Regulation for the Premier League.

‘However, we do not feel that the latest proposals go far enough to curb the inflationary spending which is putting so much pressure on clubs across the entire League.

‘We continue to believe that to be successful and have the best chance of gaining at least the 14 votes necessary, any proposals for Financial Regulation must include meaningful measures to restrict the owner funding of operating losses.

‘The owners, controlling shareholders and chief executives of Arsenal Football Club, Liverpool Football Club, Manchester United Football Club, and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, continue to believe that the best way of achieving this will be a strict adoption of the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules.

‘We already have seven clubs each season who are competing in Europe under these rules and, by proposing below some amendments to phase in FFP measures and make concessions to future new owners and promoted clubs, we believe there is a strong chance of achieving the necessary consensus.

‘In summary, we would together make the following proposal:

  • Clubs will agree to break even over a rolling three-year period;
  • Break even result to be calculated strictly in accordance with UEFA FFP rules.’
(Daily Mail)

(Daily Mail)

(Daily Mail)

(Daily Mail)

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