Hazard and the ball boy


Chelsea never seem to more than a stone’s throw away from controversial incidents. The latest sees Hazard getting a red card for kicking a ball boy who instead of returning the ball decided to smother it in order to waste time. TKTG looks at the incident and brings you all the best news and analysis of the incident.



From The Guardian:

“Chelsea departed the Capital One Cup in shame after Eden Hazard kicked a teenage ballboy in frustration, a misdemeanour that will not prompt a police charge but could lead to a severe sanction from the Football Association.

Hazard, who was sent off, later met the 17-year-old, named locally as Charlie Morgan, son of the Swansea City director Martin Morgan, in the Chelsea dressing room and apologised for his reaction to the boy preventing him from retrieving the ball 12 minutes from time. “The boy put his whole body on to the ball and I was just trying to kick the ball and I think I kicked the ball and not the boy,” said Hazard. “I apologise. The ballboy came in the changing room and we had a quick chat and I apologised and the boy apologised as well, and it is over. Sorry.”

Meanwhile, ESPN has provided a lengthy video of the entire incident, including the response of Swansea’s players and the referee punishing Hazard with a red card.

Twitter reaction as reported by The Guardian

Chelsea FC @chelseafc

Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ballboy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it. #CFC 

Apologies for earlier ballboy tweet. Hazard has now met with the ballboy and has said sorry. #CFC

Didi Hamann @DietmarHamann

What has the game come to if you tell your ballboys to slow the game down…. Football is watched all over the world #Rolemodel

Michael Owen @themichaelowen

I’m not saying Hazard isn’t in the wrong but I hate to see a person who instigates a situation then cry foul for next to nothing. How people can claim Hazard assaulted a kid is embarrassing. He shouldn’t of kicked the ball out of his grasp but he hardly booted the lad as some people were suggesting. The lads antics were scandalous and no wonder he isn’t taking any further action

Robbie Savage @RobbieSavage8

If the ballboy gives the ball straight back and does his job properly that doesn’t happen!

Glenn Hoddle Sky Sports

“As a management team in European games you will tell the people who are instructing the ballboys that if you are winning the game, don’t get the ball back quickly. That’s your home advantage, in a way.”

Steven Pienaar @therealstevenpi

I’m not saying its the correct thing 2 do but when in the heat of the moment u just want the ball

Stan Collymore @StanCollymore

Hazard deserved red (violent conduct rule). Kid is a prat. Ballboy job is to give ball quickly. End of. Is that enough of an opinion?

Gareth Bale @GarethBale11

Unbelievable decision by the referee to send Hazard off but congrats to Swansea. Who’d have predicted this final?!

Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton

After reviewing last nights footage, I’ve come to the conclusion that the games gone. Ballboys aged 17, time wasting, then rollin round like they’ve been shot. Games gone. He was actually claiming to be best time waster in the world on Twitter yesterday! WTF’ that all about? … Hazard only crime is he hasn’t kicked him hard enough…

(ed.s note: Barton seems to forget his rollin around and going down like hes been shot when he did something similar vs Arsenal (Gervinhio)

Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5

17 year old ball boy… is that a wind up!!? Is being a ball boy now a career move??

Phil Neville @fizzer18

You can’t kick the ballboy that’s not right so i again agree with Chris foy red card!

The ball boy on Twitter

In a further twist Charlie Morgan, the ballboy in question (son of one of Swansea’s directors), had posted on his Twitter account just hours before the game: “The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting”.

“Haven’t been doing it this season been ask to come back to run them because the person can’t come in cos of the snow #manager”, his tweet read.

Important news regarding the incident:

– Hazard will escape police action but may face a lengthy ban (5 games)

– Accused of telling ball boys to time waste; Swansea have denied this accusation.

– The ballboy will not be pressing charges and South Wales Police will not be pursuing the matter further, after interviewing young Charlie.

– Let’s not forget that Swansea have reached the League Cup final and are on the brink of a historic season after an incredible journey for a club that was languishing in the fourth division 10 years ago.

What are your thoughts about the incident? Who is to blame, Hazard or the ballboy or both? Do let us know your thoughts on the topic.

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