Extreme sport: Footballers flirt with danger on ice

Courtesy: Feroz Khan

Courtesy: Feroz Khan


GILGIT (Pakistan): For some, playing a friendly football match on the frozen surface of a 70-feet deep lake in bitter cold was more adventurous than scaling the K2, the second highest peak after Mount Everest.

A match was organised on the frozen Khalti Lake in Ghizer Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan (Northern Pakistan) with G-B’s Minister for Education Ali Madad Sher attending as the chief guest. It lasted for 30 minutes and was played between Ghizer-11 and Minister-11, which the former won 4-3.

“It was a thrilling match and we thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Feroz Khan, a resident of Ghizer who participated in the match. “The surface of lake was so thick that we knew it wouldn’t break in.”

Khan added the temperature fell to negative 15 degrees Celsius as the match progressed.

Despite the considerable risks involved, no medical or emergency teams were on standby in case of an accident. Spectators too, were in awe of the display of courage by the players.

Ali Madad Sher said his ministry would coordinate with the Ministry of Tourism to make the event a regular feature. “The match had two objectives. One was to spread the message of peace and another was to promote tourism.”

The Khalti Lake turned football pitch is four kilometres long and one kilometre wide.

The original article, excerpted above, is available at The Express Tribune.

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