Debunking the myths of the “Wenger Out brigade”

@cheema10 writes on “Debunking the myths of the “Wenger Out brigade”

Arsenal v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League

…I’ve deduced three incorrect notions which they all rely on in order to come to the conclusion that Arsene Wenger should be sacked. I will now explain these three notions and happily debunk them.

1)      “Wenger the Seller”

One of the reasons Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in the past 7 years and failed completely to challenge for the title in the past 2 years is due to players leaving. Most have left for financial reasons due to the wage cap set by the Arsenal board. Cole left for the money. Adebayor left for the money. Nasri left for the money etc.

The main argument here by the Wenger out’ers is that Arsene Wenger supports the wage cup and is therefore responsible. Now while Wenger supports the board here, ask yourself this. If Wenger was sacked tomorrow and a new manager came in, would every single Arsenal player suddenly be on £200k a week?

No. The way the wage cap will be changed is for the board to be changed. This is not controlled by the manager. A manager manages the club, he doesn’t run it. It is also a testament to the pragmatism and resilience of Arsene Wenger that he has adapted his approach to now building on a core of British players lead by the great Jack Wilshere.

2)      “He’s lost his marbles”

This is the notion that Wenger has lost that “sharpness” and that the Arsene Wenger of 2013 is a different person to the Arsene Wenger of 2006. This was exemplified when Piers Morgan tweeted after seeing the line-up for Arsenal v Brighton that the fact Wenger was starting Ramsey showed that his hunger for winning had gone.

Aside from the ludicrous suggestion that Aaron Ramsey is a flop despite the fact he has relished recently in a deep anchor midfield role, there is substantive evidence that Wenger has not lost it. Just look at his recent four signings, all of which have in my opinion world class talent… (Ed’s note: Podolski, Giroud, Monreal and Santi)

3)      “Bring in ‘Arry”

Finally, the third notion is that there is a manager in Europe who is better than Arsene Wenger, whom Arsenal could realistically attract. Piers Morgan has said that he would happy with Harry Redknapp. No comment. Others say that Arsenal can attract Jurgen Klopp but why would someone who is managing a side like Dortmund come to Arsenal? Le Grove suggested earlier in the season that Guardiola should come as Arsenal would be the best team in the premier league for him. Of course, as we all know he has joined Bayern and meant that currently there is not a single manager in Europe who Arsenal would realistically be able to get who is better than Arsene Wenger.

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