The FantasyYIRMA Knockout CUP: Free to play! Great Prizes!


Our friends over at Fantasy Yirma have launched the FantasyYIRMA KO Cup! It has a huge £200 prize pot to give away in the form of free bets from the generous folk over at StanJames .

The cup will run for 8 gameweeks starting from GW31. Be warned – places are limited to 256 players only so follow the link on their website if you want to join!

The league will take the form of a head to head knock-out  Starting in GW31 with 256 players we will finish on the final day of the season with the grand final! 

To read more about the grand prizes and how to joint the Cup competition visit the Fantasy Yirma website for details.

Follow them on twitter @FantasyYIRMA


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One Comment on “The FantasyYIRMA Knockout CUP: Free to play! Great Prizes!”

  1. fantasyyirma February 23, 2013 at 3:11 am #

    Many thanks guys!


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