Arsene Wenger’s Q&A

We bring the best of Arsene Wenger’s question and answers from his latest press conference after the Bayern Munich loss.



Q: You have received the full backing of the board, you’ve got money to spend, but in the past why do you always seem so reluctant to spend?

AW: “I’m not reluctant to do so. First of all, we only had money recently. Secondly, in England there is a way of thinking that every problem is sorted out just by spending money but that’s not always the case. If it was like that, the same teams would win the Champions League every year. There are two or three clubs in Europe who are richer than everybody else and do not play in the Champions League. I believe that the problem today is not the money, it’s to find the talent that strengthens your team. And, as well, I believe we have to be faithful to what this club is about, which is to give a chance to the young players we educate – that is vital – and therefore to bring in the players only who give us really a plus. If we find tomorrow a player of top, top, top quality, we will take him.”



Q: So, Falcao costs £40m, on 5-year-contract, would you sign him?

AW: “We can do it. If we can afford it, we will not say no. But, today, we have to focus on tomorrow [Aston Villa].



Q: If the club had been a bit more open about not competing in the transfer market after moving to the Emirates then would the fans have swallowed the trophy drought more easily?

AW: “Well, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. You cannot come out and say, ‘Look, we cannot win the championship’. We were close during this period, you know, we were very close. Because I feel we had the quality. But, I think what angered more our fans is that we lost the players we educated, and that was much more difficult to swallow then all the rest, I believe, and that’s what we have to change.”

Q: Sticking with your philosophy, it must be tough, when others spend money and win trophies?

AW: “Depends on what you call trophies. Trophies for me is basically the Championship and Champions League because that is where the real quality comes out. This year you have first to consider the quality comes through the championship and not through the FA Cup or through the Capital One Cup. The real quality of the team is judged on where you are on a consistent level in the Championship and where you are in the Champions League. We are a bit short, we are not far away and we have to reduce that gap. I think it’s difficult for everybody, the competition in the Premier League is absolutely massive for everybody. It’s difficult to guarantee for anybody that they will win the Premier League. This year Man United looks well ahead, but usually it is very tight.”

Arsenal Training Session

Q: For season after season, you fought to keep Cesc Fabregas, probably longer than you might have expected, but he went eventually. How long before there’s a repeat of that with Jack Wilshere?

AW: “He has just extended to his contract. I believe in the longer term Wilshere will be the leader of this club and lead the club to trophies. That’s what it is about as well for the great players and we have to make sure they they all stay here.”

Q: What do you need to do as a club to join the likes of Bayern as a club?

AW: “Bayern is in the position where Manchester United is in England. They can afford to do what they want. They are the strongest financial club. You send Chelsea and Man City to Germany and we will speak about Bayern again. You have to compare what is comparable. They do what they want in their country and they can spend the money when they want as they are the only financial dominating club. They have no competition financially in Germany.”

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