Fantasy Football – GW 28

This week for Fantasy Football we decided to put together a voting system based on our six favourite resources of fantasy football. If a website recommends a pick he gets a vote so the maximum a player can get is 6 votes; we have only listed the most popular players in each position.

Do remember that next week for GW 29 a number of teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and United will NOT be playing.

The 6 websites that we have used are:

Fantasy Yirma
Never Manage Alone
The Scout
FPL Hints
Fantasy Football Cheat
Ultra Fantasy Football

Goalkeepers (Only 3 websites have put their recommendations for goalkeepers)



David de Gea – 2 votes
Other websites go for Joe Hart and Artur Buroc




Rafael (MUN) – 3 votes (will he be rested with Real Madrid coming to Manchester soon?)
Jose Enrique (LIV) – 3 votes
Leighton Baines (EVE) – 2votes
Matthieu Debuchy (NEW) – 2 votes




Bale (TOT) – 5 votes
Mata (CHE) – 4 votes
Sissoko (NEW) – 4 votes
Michu (SWA) – 2 votes
Fellaini (EVE) – 2 votes
N’Zogbia (AST) – 2 votes
Lampard (CHE) – 2 votes




Lambert (SOU) – 5 votes
Suárez (LIV) – 4 votes
Sturridge (LIV) – 2 votes
Agüero (MUC) – 2 votes
Benteke (AST) – 2 votes
Cisse (NEW) – 2 votes

Captain Choice

Most of the websites we visited favour either Lambert or Bale as Captain for GW 28.

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