Views from around the web – Nani red card

Views from around the web – Nani red card

For an in depth analysis of the match you can read our article here; while the gif of the Nani red card can be also be viewed on our website.



Roy Keane ” “I think the referee has actually made the right call. Everyone’s upset about it and it’s slightly unlucky, but it’s dangerous play. Whether he meant it or not is irrelevant. It’s dangerous play – it’s a red card.”

SB Nation: Harsh but fair…We might want him to decide that Nani’s kick comes within the yellow shaded area of the spectrum – with the red starting immediately afterwards, perhaps – but if he (“harshly”) deems it to be within the outer reaches of the red, well then we (and Nani) are screwed. Harsh, similarly, does not mean wrong.

Dermot Gallagher (retired referee): “I can’t reiterate enough that he [Nani] is watching the ball over his shoulder, there was no malice in him. At worst it was a yellow for dangerous play, but if I was refereeing that game I cannot see by what stretch of the imagination I would have sent him off for that.”

David Moyes: I am looking from a manager’s point of view and Manchester United have had a hard time tonight. I think they have a right to surround the referee. The decision was poor and it has cost them the biggest prize in football.

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