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Footballers; Are we expecting too much or are we right to be disappointed?

Guest Post by: afansopinion -MY THOUGHTS ABOUT FOOTBALL, JUST A FANS OPINION This is something odd for me. A short piece, actually defending footballers. Especially during a week where a player we love to watch, has been banned from playing for 10 games. (They’ll be blog about that too, but another time!) The modern footballer is […]

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Has Ashley Young played his last game for Manchester United?

Guest Post by Ronan Newell. Follow him on twitter: @Ronandiniho Mention the name to any Manchester United fan this season and they shall tell you many tales of injury, frustration and a lack of consistency. The 27-year-old is nearing the end of his second season with the club in a campaign rued with injuries and mediocre performances. […]

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Has Messi’s Goal-Scoring Obsession Hurt Rather Than Helped?

It was the cruelest of blows. Lionel Messi’s recent muscle injury has left Barcelona hamstrung at the worst possible time and seemingly contributed to the Catalans downfall in the Champions League semi-finals after a half-fit Leo failed to help his team in the Blaugrana’s brutal battering at Bayern Munich on Tuesday night. It looked like extremely […]

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