The World At Their Feet – Karachi United Football Foundation

In the poverty stricken slums of Karachi, Pakistan – the Karachi United Football Foundation are helping youth and communities through the unifying power of football.

Editors note: I last went to Lyari when I was three – 27 years ago. Since then the security situation in that area means I have never ventured back. By security situation I mean random firing; gang wars; drug wars etc. etc. Kudos to Karachi United for running an academy of excellence in Lyari of all places.

Our team at TKTG also started off playing with KU juniors but in a safe protected environment. Kids from Lyari would often come and play with and against us and were definitely more talented and dedicated than us. Hopefully the KU School of Excellence can provide these children a better future!

You can read more about the Karachi United Foundation on their website. Supporting a player for one year at the Centre of Excellence is just USD $ 100 (One hundred USD)

You can also follow them on facebook.

A Lucid Studios/Vizor Studios Production

Directed By Nadir H. Shah & Sehban Zaidi
Cinematographer: Adeel Husain
Assistant Camera: Khalid Cheema

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One Comment on “The World At Their Feet – Karachi United Football Foundation”

  1. Amin May 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Great initiative guys. Keep it going!

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