Thoughts on the Premiership and La Liga

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It’s a debate that go in any direction, for they are many valid points on why people regard certain leagues as the best in the world; the majority of them leagues being in Europe. So how do you judge what is the best league in the world? It’s certainly quite complex as there a few good leagues out there and each league brings something different to the table. I’ve decided to put some thoughts together on what I would consider to be the top leagues in Europe at the moment.

Premier League:



Firstly, I’m going to give my thoughts on the Premier League. Since its formation in 1992, the Premier League has been one of the most successful leagues in the world, attracting some of the greatest players in the game and having a tendency to produce some exciting young talent. Of course, most modern football fans are regular watchers of the Premier League and it is very competitive and at times unpredictable. Most sides have a few dangerous players, who on their day can hurt any opposition. Also, the majority of sides have a lot of depth in their squad, meaning that no player is guaranteed a starting spot every week; this can have both a positive and negative effect on the player, as you want to be playing regular football.

In recent seasons, I feel the Premier League has took a backwards step; a major backwards step. A few years ago there were a number of sides vying for the title and a host of teams battling for a place in the top four, as well as the usual relegation dogfight. It was exciting and enjoyable to watch; to see a season packed with twists and shocks, where the majority of sides tried to play an attractive style of football and all games were usually full of goals and drama.

But now teams located at the bottom end of the table seem to play quite negatively against the big sides, and it seems as if they are already beaten before a single ball has been kicked. Last season, was an enthralling end to a phenomenal season, with Sergio Aguero scoring with the last kick of the game against QPR, winning the title on goal difference in the most unexpected circumstances. Some had suggested that it was the best Premier League season, and you can certainly see why. This season has failed to follow in last season’s footsteps, Manchester United have ran away with the title and the relegation battle hasn’t been too interesting, the race for the Champions League spot has been rather interesting to watch though. A couple of years ago, most people dubbed the Premier League as the best league in the world, but I no longer feel it is no more and no Premier League sides reaching the Champions League Quarter finals is clear evidence of that. For drama and passion, it has to be considered as the best in the world, but in terms of the standard of football being showcased, I feel it’s a little bit far behind the other leagues.

Here are some thoughts from the twitter world on the Premier League:

@TheClassicNo10: “The Premier League has something which is unrivalled, pure adrenaline. For me, I don’t think it’s the most dominant, but it’s known as the most enticing and exhilarating to watch. In terms of drama, excitement, etc, it’s the best in the world.”

@ScoringForFun: “The Premier League is, for me the most entertaining and exciting league in the world. I don’t think the sides in the league are the best or the strongest, certainly not stronger than the best in other leagues. But for drama and shock value, it’s the best.

@Liam10Lee: “It’s a top league. It offers more drama than you will get anywhere in the world, I do feel it is missing some world class that were there from a few seasons ago. Also they can take a page out of the Bundesliga’s book for fan treatment. But for me, it still remains one of the best leagues.”

@calsufc97: “Personally feel no other league can match the excitement and nail biting finales that the Premier League produces, but on terms of it being the best league in the world? Maybe not. Bundesliga is on par with the Premier League now, if not better. But from our view, where we know the teams inside out, we may be biased. I’m sure German fans would say different.”

La Liga:



When talking about La Liga, people are often quick to say that it is boring, due to the dominance of Barcelona and Madrid. But if you watch it regularly enough, you’ll realise that it is in fact very entertaining to watch and that there is some breath-taking football being displayed. It’s evident to see that Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two major forces; however the league is much more than just a league containing two good sides. In terms of technicality and skill, it has to be said that it is the best league in the world.

Another point, I’d like to make is the competitive nature of the league in other areas of the table. For starters, in the race for the Champions League and Europa League spot’s, there are a few sides tussling it out to appear in European competition. Atletico Madrid stand as the third best team in Spain, and Real Sociedad now lie in fourth position after the great season they have had. Valencia occupy 5th position and Malaga are breathing right down their neck in 6th place, just 3 points behind them. There have been some major shocks in the league this season such as Malaga defeating Real Madrid, this has been largely down to teams not fearing the elite sides like Barcelona and Madrid, they believe that whoever they play they can achieve a positive result. Managers set up their teams in a positive fashion and teams can combine tactical understanding with a will and a desire to win; a perfect combination if you ask me. The relegation battle has also been quite intriguing to watch this season, it’s been so tight down at the bottom and only 5 points separate 20th placed Mallorca and Osasuna who are 15th. Despite these teams fighting for their lives, they are still intent on entertaining their supporters and that is something I have grown to admire about the nature of La Liga.

It’s evident to see that Spanish sides have not been too successful in European competition this season, with Europa League holders Atletico Madrid being dumped out of the competition and Barca and Madrid being thumped in their respective Champions League semi-finals. But by no means should that suggest that the standard of La Liga has been poor, because it’s clear to see that it isn’t. La Liga is a league which has delivered some of the most gifted players in world football and I expect that to continue. Long will La Liga continue to be a joy to watch and Spanish football as a whole will continue do things in its own way and own culture. It may not be the best league in the world, but it’s beautiful to watch the swagger and style in which teams play their football; something no other league will be able to replicate.

Here are some thoughts from the twitter world on La Liga:

@lastgaspgoal: “La Liga is among the best in regards to technical and tactical factors. The players, not just at the big teams, possess great technical ability and tactical knowledge and the managers are some of the best in world football. Of course, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the big teams in the league, but the competitive nature of the league is still there – the relegation battle of this season is very intriguing and the race for European spots is ever growing. Those that can look past Barça and Madrid in such league would agree that La Liga is one of the most attractive leagues in the world.”

@AccessFooty: “La Liga brings some great football. People who are past the whole Real-Barca owning the league, see some great stuff.”

@ChapsTalkFBall: “Best 2 players in the world, style of football that encourages attacking and probably more Spaniards play than English in Premier League.”

@emerygunner: “Great football being played and there’s always Ronaldo and Messi.”

@RobinVanKloezej: “Spain is much stricter on high boots, handballs etc. The passing game is expressed more often than route 1. Other than that, La Liga isn’t as aggressive  as Bundesliga and Premier League and more often than not shoulder barges are fouls.”

So there’s Part 1 of my thoughts on the top leagues in Europe, Part 2 will feature Serie A and Bundesliga and will be out shortly.

Thanks for all the people who gave me their thoughts on the leagues.

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