What can £ 70 million buy?

Its been widely reported that Arsenal have up to £ 70 million to spend this transfer window. A summary of Swiss Rambles article on Arsenal’s finances can be read here.



However what exactly could Arsenal do with this £ 70 million? Can they be title contenders or at least give the top 3 a good run in? I’ve taken a look at the transfers that have happened so far and examined which players Arsenal could have bought.

I have not included players that have gone to clubs such as PSG, Monaco, Bayern, Barca, City, Chelsea or United simply as these clubs can (a) pay higher wages and (b) are more attractive to players as they stand a better chance to win trophies.

These are not players that are rumored to be on the transfer list (Gustavo) or one where a bid may be accepted (Baines). These are transfers already done.

Higuain – £ 32 million.



Long rumored to be signing for Arsenal……. went to Napoli instead. A proven goal scorer and has Champions League appearance – would have been a valuable addition to Arsenal. Oh and hes only 25.

Strootman – £ 14.5 million



A much needed defensive midfielder. However this time linked strongly with Man U, but now playing for Roma would have been a welcome sight for Arsenal fans. 23 years old; captain of PSV. You can read more about him here.

Aubameyang – £  11.5 million.

(Sky Sports)

(Sky Sports)

I’ve never seen him play but an opening day hat-trick for Dortmund got people talking. He recently ran 30 meters in 3.7 seconds – faster than Usain Bolt means he and Theo could have been the fastest wingers in the EPL.  Also, is able to play upfront as a lone striker according to reports.

Raul Albiol / Benatia / Digne / Ogbonna – between £ 10-13 million



Besides Albiol I cant say I have seen the rest of the players. However the point being that if clubs like Juventus, Napoli, Roma can purchase these players – I am pretty confident Arsenal could have used them as squad players as well. Currently for the weekend Arsenal have no fit CB’s on the bench and Sagna an emergency CB may also not be fit for the match agasint Villa.

Stekelenburg – £ 4.9 million



At 30 would have provided the necessary experience to the Arsenal back 4. Would have also been a good teacher to the young keepers currently at Arsenal. Did not make the Dutch squad for Euro 2012 losing out to Krul and Vorm however was part of the 2010 World Cup starting XI which made the final.

These 5 players would have cost Arsenal around £ 73 million. So

  1. a world class striker,
  2. a young defensive midfielder,
  3. a winger,
  4. a center back,
  5. an experienced goal keeper.

If not starters they certainly would have been an improvement to the bench and added depth to Arsenal’s team. Two more weeks till the deadline; however the way things are going I think I will be updating this list of missed transfers rather than players that Arsenal have signed.

And others that could be considered to be added to this list include Soldado (£ 26.5m), Bernard (£ 22m), Paulinho (£17m), Bony (£12m), Mignolet (£9m).

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