Fantasy Football – Gameweek 3

For Gameweek 3, TKTG brings you the tips and picks from the best fantasy articles out there, so that you can make informed decisions regarding any transfers you’re considering (and not) :



Before we go any further, do remember that neither Chelsea nor Aston Villa have any games this week, so this is the time to bench or offload the likes of Ivanovic, Benteke, etc. And that’s not all, there’s an international break coming up prior to Gameweek 4 meaning that FPL managers should probably be wary of using their wildcards at this stage.

To get the ball rolling, our friends over at Fantasy Yirma have selected Dzeko, Michu and Kevin Nolan as their key picks for the third Gameweek, do visit their informative site here for more insight.

As always, FPL Addicts look at the top choices for Captain for GW3. Last week, Soldado, one of last week’s picks, went on to score 7 points (double if you gave him the armband, of course) and although RVP and Benteke didn’t do nearly as well if you’ve got them in your squad they will surely repay you in the weeks to come. In fact, Van Persie features again in their top recommendations this week along with Silva/Aguero and “Penal-dado”. Read more at the Addicts’ blog to understand the reasons behind their top choices this time around.

Meanwhile, FPLHints have released their team of star picks for GW3, which consists of Jussi, Lescott, Zabaleta, O’Brien, Ben Arfa, Snodgrass, Morrison, Nolan, Van Persie, Soldado and Dzeko (C). The preview is available at their website.

Ultra Fantasy Football’s preview is back for GW3, this time focusing on the top bargain picks out there. The players priced at £ 5 or under that can help fill up your squad, and pick up points along the way, are Turner, McGregor, Whitaker, Word-Prose and Brady. We highly recommend reading their piece and if you’re looking for a quality FPL app for iOS, then look no further.

Remember to check out the latest injury reports at Physio Room and be sure to join the TKTG league to win £ 150 for first place and £ 50 for second place. The league code is: 99698-29443 or click here to get added automatically.

A list of all FPL cash leagues that we have been able to find can be accessed here. And that’s not all, we’ve made a Twitter list of the best fantasy football accounts for the easy reference of our valued readers. If you’re logged in to Twitter, just go here and follow the feed to keep up with the latest FPL news and action.

So, after benching A. Cole and Hazard, my starting XI looks something like this: Hart, Shawcross, Brayford, Zabaleta, Wanyama, Coutinho, Snodgrass, Coleback, RVP, Dzeko and Anelka. Luckily, instead of kicking Anelka out last week, I benched him in the hope that he might make a comeback (to be honest, I was probably going to dump him this GW!). Lo and behold, he’s in the running to start against Swansea on Sunday. Maybe he’ll turn out to be a great differential pick in the weeks ahead *fingers crossed*.


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  1. fantasyyirma August 30, 2013 at 9:27 am #

    Nice Round up guys 🙂

    Good luck this weekend.



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