The best of the week

Every Sunday I will publish the best articles that our team has complied or read from across from the last week. It will include blog articles; interviews, tactical information, fantasy football and others. Some of the articles will have been published on our very own website. Others will be linked to the main article.

The Best of Ozil


With Arsenal breaking their transfer record to sign the German international Mesut Özil from Real Madrid; TKTG brings the best articles from around the web.

The day Harry Redknapp brought a fan on to play for West Ham



Every dreamt of playing for your team? Well back in 1994 one lucky fan got a chance to represent West Ham. Read how and why Harry Redknapp decided to bring on a supporter at half time in a pre-season game. What happened to the fan after playing for his team?

Mario Balotelli has a talent that’s every bit as electric as his personality.



In exactly one week Super Mario will meet Pope Francis, who will single out Balotelli for a private-audience from among a group that includes Lionel Messi and the Argentine and Italian national soccer teams. But here in this Balo-benighted swath of Florida the story is different. Posing for an SI photo shoot, the 23-year-old star forward of Italy and AC Milan is towering — 6′ 2″, shirtless, Mohawked, arms extended wide — on a plexiglass platform that makes it look as though he’s walking on the liquid surface of a swimming pool.

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