Archive | October 3, 2013

How Bosman’s lawyer is plotting another football revolution

Bespectacled, business-like and Belgian, Jean-Louis Dupont does not look like a revolutionary. But then if revolutionaries looked too obvious, we would see them coming. There is little danger of Dupont sneaking up on anybody now, though. He is the man who took on European football’s bosses as an inexperienced lawyer and claimed a landmark victory […]

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Time to appreciate the Kolarovs of soccer

Let’s talk about Aleksandar Kolarov. Not enough people talk about Aleksandar Kolarov, which is a shame, because he’s a fascinating individual with many varied interests, including botany and Agatha Christie novels. How would you describe Kolarov? Would you suggest that he is a fine footballer, owner of 43 caps for Serbia, possessor of a fierce […]

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