Premier League 2011/12 – Top creators & their positions

While we count down the days to the restart of regular football, sometimes it helps to pass time by looking at last season’s performances and wondering which players are going to provide the excitement in the upcoming EPL season. The people over at EPLIndex have done the hard work and come up with an intriguing anaylsis of the top playmakers from Premier League 2011/12.

Premier League 2011/12 – Top creators & their positions

“Juan Mata here in England, Mesut Ozil in Spain, Eden Hazard in France, Andrea Pirlo in Italy – all top sides in their respective divisions need a quality provider! Having that player on the pitch who can create goal scoring chances consistently and ‘out of nothing’ is a necessity for a team with Championship challenging ambitions.

Stereotypically, the English game and goal scoring creation would generally throw up the idea of fast, ‘jinky’ wing play and crossing/finishing. The paradigm that most creative players are dominantly right footed and play in centre midfield, or the No. 10 role, could also be added.

However, the modern-day game has evolved into a speculative encounter of players with more adventurous positions, multi roles & responsibilities and a philosophy of ever-moving, ever-changing fluency in their play. No teams are doing this more so than Barcelona and recently, the Spanish national team, who didn’t even play with a recognised striker in their success at Euro 2012.

I was interested in looking at the ‘creative numbers’ for top players in the Premier League last season and their position’s and foot dominance…”

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