The Transfer Window – Retail Therapy at its best


The Transfer Window – Retail Therapy at its Best

written by Taimur Shah

United have bid for Lucas Moura.  This was the news greeted by United fans a few weeks back. And what a bid?! Anywhere from £25 million to £31 million depending on which tabloid you read. If you knew nothing about Lucas Moura, you could be forgiven for assuming he was a tough tackling midfield enforcer with sublime passing skills. Or a left back. Or a striker with a goal to game ratio that set the pulses racing. Or a right back. Of course, you’d be wrong.

Moura is tricky wing forward that reminds one of Cristiano Ronaldo in his pre United days. Experts & ex pros all waded in, pointing out this was the marquee signing that United needed to signal a statement of intent after losing out on Hazard to Chelsea. Retail therapy to make the owner, manager, team, fans & media all feel better.

Well, we’ve lost out on Moura as well, as PSG came to crash the party. Suddenly Paris’s metro & Eiffel Tower were the determining factor over Manchester’s buses & leafy boroughs. As a United fan, am I disappointed? Sure, absolutely. The boy looked like a real talent. Do I feel like Moura was as necessary as everyone else seems to think.  Absolutely not.

To me, Premier league teams need to take a leaf out of American sports teams’ offseason player moves. Almost all their major leagues are difficult to predict because teams operate with salary caps or other restrictions in terms of transfers but also the fact that they have actual strategies aimed at addressing weaknesses to make them Champions. That’s right, almost all teams in each of the American major sports leagues have a chance of winning their respective championship. What a novel idea. Imagine Swansea fans actually believing they could win the Premier League. Heck, imagine if Liverpool fans actually believed it. For all the excitement of the Premier League, there are really only 4 contenders for the Championship – Man U, Man City, Chelsea & Arsenal. Out of those four, the candidates for the winner are usually down to two after 20 to 25 games.

In the Premiership, it seems that whenever any good player becomes available, all the top teams are linked with that player, regardless of whether they actually need him. Mancini recently made a statement that City didn’t need many players, just 5 or 6 in order to defend the Premier League. Just 5 or 6 in an albeit last gasp Championship winning side? Well, that’s really not a lot is it. Just half a team. Good thing City have plenty of money backing them.

Getting back to United, I’m more concerned with addressing the needs of the team rather than the wants. We NEED left back cover. For that matter, we’ve never really addressed right back either. We NEED a midfielder to toughen up that midfield. Carrick is not the key. I don’t care what the stats say. You could play me in United’s midfield & I don’t think my numbers would be that much worse given that all I have to do is turn to my right or left & press X. No, we need someone to demolish the opposition. We NEED a striker that can take the burden off Rooney & give us another dimension. We could even do with a new left winger & dump Nani who can be sublime & infuriating in the same 4 second period. He also clearly doesn’t get on with Rooney at all so it would make sense to make a change if an upgrade were available.

This was one of the shocking things about not being linked with Santi Carzorla. Apparently a class midfielder & for £15 million, a real steal. Why aren’t we in for Sahin? Another player that would improve our midfield & with Kagawa, a combination that has already won the Budesliga. We’re in for RvP, which I understand but I would’ve preferred we move for Damiao or Llorente. Why haven’t we made moves for De Rossi of Roma or Chieck Tiote. These are the players that will complete United’s squad & give us a chance at bringing back the title to Old Trafford. Buying a Moura type player once these holes are filled would take us into dream team territory. Before that, we’re looking at another season of one dimensional play & leaving our fate in the hands of others losing the title rather than us winning it.

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