Suarez Interview: a PR Strategy?


If reading the Saturday papers has given you a troubling sense of deja vu, don’t worry — you’re not losing your mind. You’ve probably just read some of the many Luis Suarez interviews that ran in various major newspapers all on the same day, containing some very similar points.

There have been accusations that Luis Suarez received unjustly harsh treatment from the British press when he was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra last season. But now the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph and the Mirror (among others) are all featuring their own interviews by different writers with Suarez ahead of Liverpool’s big match against Man City on Sunday that aim to illustrate the shocking revelation that one man can be capable of a wide range of human behaviors — some likable and some unlikeable. Two of the pieces (the Guardian and Independent) are accompanied by the exact same soft-focus close-up of Luis looking off into the distance and all put across very similar crowd-pleasing themes of sacrifice, family, pressure, personal growth and moving on from the past.

The Guardian bills their piece as Suarez’s “first interview since his ban for racial abuse” and all give the impression that each journalist spent quality time in the presence of the Uruguayan at Liverpool’s Melwood training complex. Yet the distinct similarities that popped up in each story make it seem like a strategic blitz to change the perception of a man who was booed mercilessly throughout the Olympics that several leading papers were eager to run with.

The Independent notes that Suarez spoke “in the South American Spanish he feels most comfortable conversing in,” so there could’ve been the opportunity for slight differences in translation if this were a group interview. But just to make sure Suarez’s point gets across, we’ve compiled a sampling of the bits that seem to be the most important..

Continue reading how the Dirty Tackle uncovers the similarities in The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Guardian and The Independent on topics such as “on his sacrifice”, “his wife sayings”, Peter Odemwingie anecdote, “pressure”, “respect”and on incident with Patrice Evra.

The Dirty Tackle on Luis Suarez takes control of the media.

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