Wenger’s work makes progress


Quality, then, but not without a few caveats. Although Arsenal may be high in the table as well as high in the general excellence of their display, we still don’t truly know where they are as a team.

The uncertainty is more to do with the opposition they have encountered rather than Arsenal themselves, who are coming along nicely. In the first two games, the fact they played two of the deepest-lying teams in the Premier League painted an unfair picture of their attack as well as a flattering one of their defence, with that only followed by a Liverpool side who have problems at both ends.

On Saturday came a Southampton team who descended into a rabble, as illustrated by the two own goals that gave Arsenal such a pleasing platform from which to express themselves.

As such, it’s been extreme to extreme for Arsene Wenger’s side. It can’t be denied that they admirably exploited the latest one to the fullest degree. Indeed, it was a day when almost everything went right.

The sheer incisiveness of the team recalled the movement of the Invincibles; Lukas Podolski kept up his scoring form with an exceptional free-kick; the midfield seemed better balanced than ever; and, most illustrative of the kind of afternoon it was, Gervinho looked a genuinely top-level attacker for the first time since signing.

The only negatives were Olivier Giroud failing to open his account and the Wojciech Szczesny error that led to the end of that perfect defensive record.

Continue reading Wenger’s work makes progress by Miguel Delaney at ESPN.

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