Instant Impact


The 2012-13 Premier League season has picked up from the exciting and frenetic finish of last season and we at TKTG are not alone in thinking that the new signings of the transfer window seem to be at the heart of this blistering start. There is no doubt that fresh entrants, such as Eden Hazard, Michu and Lukas Podolski, along with players who have moved within England, especially Robin Van Persie, Dimitar Berbatov and Steven Fletcher, have set the league alight with their impressive performances.

Keeping this in mind, we bring you’s Top Ten Storming Prem Starts which features this season’s top imports and also those of years past. The list will surely jog the memory as it includes a few of the foreign stars who made an immediate impact in the Premiership upon arrival and went on to write themselves into the history books of England’s top flight.

In addition, one should head over to EPL Index to find out which player has made the biggest mark so far and who could prove to be the most outstanding performer by the end of the season. Cooper provides an in-depth look at the instant impact of five of the key contributors of the season so far, four of which are new to the Premier League (Hazard, Michu, Cazorla and Kagawa) and the fifth being former Arsenal striker, Robin Van Persie.

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