Liverpool vs Man United – Preview

Ex-Liverpool midfielder and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp, presents his viewpoint on the big game at Anfield this weekend. 23 years have passed since the Hillsborough disaster which took 96 lives, and Sunday is expected to be an emotional day for football fans across the country. However, despite the significance of the occasion, a fierce battle is expected on the pitch.

Redknapp remembers what it was like to be a player in one of those games and says:

In the weeks building up to the game, as a player, you can’t even pop out to get a newspaper without someone stopping you to say ‘win this game for us’. Whether you’re English, Danish, Dutch or Uruguayan, you know how important this game is.

Liverpool have won three out of the last four of these derbies at Anfield and Brendan Rodgers will be well aware this could be the turning point in the season for him.

I thought there were a lot of positives for Liverpool in their 1-1 draw at Sunderland and I particularly liked seeing Raheem Sterling on the right. We’ve become accustomed to seeing left-footed players playing on the right – Lionel Messi has mastered the art – and tactically I’d like to see Sterling playing there against United on Sunday.

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