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With the worldwide launch of FIFA 13 in the next few days (28th Sept EU; 25th Sept US); TKTG looks at the upcoming changes in the latest edition by EA Sports.

Commentators will now switch to the touchline to provide details of player injuries, while Alan McInally will regularly phone in with the latest goals from other matches around the country.

But the commentary team can also remark on real-world football events as well, via a new online update option. Thus, upon selecting Manchester United, both Martin Tyler and Alan Smith started the match by discussing Van Persie’s impressive start to the season. It’s certainly a nice touch but these live updates go further than just the commentary, with player statistics rising and falling depending on how they’re performing in real life. (Guardian)

According to IGN – Kinect works well with FIFA 13 and you can verbally make substitution or have preset commands like ” we need to win this” to make your team be more aggressive.

It seems that one of the improvements in the game will be the change in the First Touch mechanic.

 In earlier games, long passes simply found their way – almost magnetically – onto their recipient’s boot. Now only highly-skilled players can pluck the ball out of the air with ease.

Everyone else has to be aware of factors such as speed, weather and opponents jockeying for position. Try to control a lofted ball with an average-skilled defender and a striker bearing down on him, and you risk turning the ball into the attacker’s path and offering them a shot on goal. (T3)

You’ll groan when your player takes a heavy touch when you’re through on goal, but that’s something which happens every week in the best leagues around the world. Yet it never becomes game-breaking or frustrating, and this is thanks to a rationale behind it all. Several factors conspire to determine the quality of your first-touch: speed of the pass, spin on the ball, the speed and relative skill of the player receiving it. Over time, you’ll come to learn how to improve your first-touch – for instance, don’t run on to a pass at full speed, or perhaps knock it on using the right analogue so you don’t have to take you finger off sprint. (IGN)

Alongside a better Player Impact Engine which now should mean no more awkward challenges or broken limbs; a better indepth Career Mode, computer assisted Tactical Defending and a smarter Offensive AI with gamers reporting that teammates make better off the ball runs and also making sure that they try and stay onside; FIFA 13 looks like another winner by the EA team.

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  1. Asfand September 26, 2012 at 6:34 pm #

    Nice one. Now you’ve got me all excited, you tease.

    • Omer September 26, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

      I KNOW I KNOW!!!!

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