The Messy Messi-Villa incident



Graham Hunter over at ESPN gives his views on the argument between Lionel Messi and David Villa which was captured by television crew when Barca played Granada.

I think it’s fair to say that Leo Messi committed a minor error by chewing out David Villa just before halftime on Saturday as Barcelona was sweating out an edgy win against Granada. But in doing so, some pretty healthy signs were also apparent.

For Messi to lose his temper at a teammate making his first start in 10 months over the lack of a first-time pass that, if it had been pulled off, would have been just short of telepathic was a clear overreaction.


What’s unavoidable is that although there exists a healthy tension between Messi and Villa, there’s also a huge amount of respect and a good dose of friendship.


What I also consider healthy is that Messi, who doesn’t crave publicity and only sporadically consents to interviews, immediately said “yes” to the request from Barca TV after the match so that he could clear the air.

“There’s no problem between us because we are in a fantastic dressing room. These things happen in games because we want to win. They happen in training but you don’t get to see that because there are no cameras there. It was just a product of the pressure we put on ourselves to win and go get that first goal which makes everything that much easier. I’ve got no problem with David, quite the contrary in fact.”

Read the rest of why Graham Hunter feels there is no problem between Messi and Villa on the ESPN website.

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