The best of the week (9-15 September)

Every Sunday I will publish the best articles that our team has complied or read from across from the last week. It will include blog articles; interviews, tactical information, fantasy football and others. Some of the articles will have been published on our very own website. Others will be linked to the main article.

The Disappearance of Shinji Kagawa



“And so while United felt themselves the winners in the summer-long battle to retain Rooney’s services, the loser may not be his suitor, Jose Mourinho, as much as the man chained to the touchline or the bench: Kagawa.”

Sir Alex Ferguson’s book could blow apart Wayne Rooney peace process



The situation is delicate enough without Ferguson providing another round of damaging publicity – but that’s exactly what United expect. At the very least, he has to address the Rooney issue because the alternative is the book losing credibility. But, Fergie being Fergie, it is not a huge assumption to think there will be a warts-and-all version of why he thinks Rooney fell out of love with United and why, on his final day as manager, two men who have shared so many joys ended up looking like strangers on a bus. Paul Stretford, Rooney’s agent, might feature prominently, too, bearing in mind Ferguson has already described him as “not the most popular man” at Old Trafford. And it’s not difficult to imagine why there are people at Old Trafford dreading it. The timing, two months into Ferguson’s first season of retirement, could hardly be much worse. With all the politics that are involved, it is the last thing United – and Moyes – need.

Ferguson’s Formula 



“…Ferguson and I discussed eight leadership lessons that capture crucial elements of his approach. Although I’ve tried not to push the angle too hard, many of them can certainly be applied more broadly, to business and to life. In the article that follows, I describe each lesson as I observed it, and then give Ferguson his say.”

Is Ozil Germany’s best player?

Germany v Italy - UEFA EURO 2012 Semi Final

“No, he isn’t,” I should have told Ger. “Because obviously our best player is Philipp Lahm.” And it really is obvious, isn’t it?

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