6 weeks in….

United look scared



Its not just the results that have gone against United; its their either attitude which will worry most United fans. I have never seen a United team actually look this hesitant and scared. With all due respect to WBA; who outplayed United at Old Trafford the result should have been a straight 2 or 3 goal win for United. Instead WBA played like the home team and controlled the game.

Other teams with more talent will definitely feel they can get 3 points and even teams in the bottom half will now look to attack rather then defend at Old Trafford …. unless you are Chelsea ;).

Moyes looks beaten even before the match starts. For years opposing teams would be intimidated by the name and legacy of Old Trafford not anymore. United need to grind out a few 1-0 wins quickly otherwise fear and panic will sent in. Still early times and you never write United off but clubs will be hoping to play United now rather than later. I would have never thought that I would write that!

Chelsea’s Start



Already played away to Everton, Tottenham and United with just one loss . Yes they haven’t won but those 2 draws are important as with just 6 games played they are only 4 points behind Arsenal. Solid at the back (3 goals conceeded so far) Chelsea have not had such a bad start.

Arsenal Title hopes?



The bookies have this one right. Even with the impressive start – Arsenal remain third choice to win the EPL – behind City and Chelsea but surprisingly in front of United.

What was impressive that away to Swansea after knowing that all the contenders had dropped points – Arsenal did not choke and instead won quite impressively. Even better for Arsenal fans will be that Podolski, Carzola, Arteta, Walcott are on the sidelines. Their return will only make Arsenal stronger.

However the teams that Arsenal have played are not the strongest – wins vs Fulham (18th) and Sunderland (20th); Stoke (14) at home, Swansea (13). While Spurs were/are still learning to play as a team after all their signings. Still early times but I think they need a season or two to be really competitive before we can call them title contenders.

Liverpool – Top 4?



Why not? With Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho – they have an impressive trident. Sakho, Sktrel, Toure, Mignolet are good enough for a top 4 finish. Perhaps their midfield could be “smarter” but in the EPL you really dont need a very strong midfield. By smarter I mean not the Hollywood balls but someone who knows when to move forward; when to defend when to increase the tempo and when to slow it down. Think Xabi Alonso not Stevie G (all gung-ho) or Henderson.

In a Liverpool world – the top 4 would be Chelsea, City, Arsenal and Liverpool beating Untied to qualify for Champions League football.


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2 Comments on “6 weeks in….”

  1. Martin Cooney October 3, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    What a novelty to look at the league table and have to search around to find United’s position. To be honest, after last season’s dour procession I cancelled my subscription to Fox Soccer – in fact I pulled the plug of TV altogether and stopped paying Digital TV a fortune every month since football was just about the only time I watched the damn thing – but I get the sense that this time around the Prem may just get its act in gear and return to being the exciting dramatic spectacle it once was (just the season before actually.
    Not sure about United ‘grinding out’ one nillers though – a pretty dangerous game if you ask me. No, what they need to do is wake up, realize that although Fergie is gone he’s hardly out of the picture. Moyes (or Gollum as he is uncharitably known around some parts of Old Trafford) was the great man’s hand-picked choice. The players, fans, and board alike need to quit their moaning, dispense with the glum faces and pull United out of their ‘blip’, for that is most certainly what it is. So, they won’t win anything this year (most likely) but most clubs won’t!
    Arsenal? Not sure really. Ozil seems to have hit the ground running, but then again so did Arshevin.
    Chelsea? Hmmmn, is the Special One so Special anymore? I’d say its highly unlikely he’ll repeat his earlier successes. And as for Spurs, Liverpool and the rest of the gang – have they really the legs to keep up the challenge through the long, long season? I somehow doubt it.
    The good news though is that the season does seem wide open and full of promise for a slew of clubs, and that can’t be bad any way you cut it.

    • Omer October 4, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

      I agree with all what you’ve said!

      Let’s see what the table looks like after 12 matches….

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