Meet the Professor

” just prior to the Robin van Persie saga storming global headlines, the Arsenal manager chats exclusively to Time Out Hong Kong about the difficulties of the modern football world, financial fair play and how it’s all about sticking to your guns”

Key points in the interview

– How Arsenal lost the first 4 of their first 7 games and still came back to finish 3rd.

– The usual talk about how competitive Arsenal are and how they want to win the league.

– Cites the spending ability of Chelsea and Man City as “new” problems of the game.

– ” When you look at the history of England, there are Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa and Derby County who have all won championships. If that is possible again it will be even more interesting. If the rules are well introduced (Financial Fair Play)”

– Talks about the new signings and says the Koscielny signing as special.

– Talks about Money ball and Billy Beane

– Praises both Paul Lambert (Norwich) and Brendan Rodgers (ex Swansea now at Liverpool) for their approach to football.

– Talks about the importance of Asia from a marketing point of view.

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