Arsene’s Arsenal: Old dog, new tricks


What will happen with Arsenal? How will the Gunners survive the losses of RVP & Song? Has Wenger done enough to strengthen the team by bringing in Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla? Will Arsenal’s defence continue to leak more goals than its rivals? Are regular defeats at the hands of Man United, Man City and Chelsea in the offing again? Can Arsene correct the flaws in his team that resulted in last season’s terrible start?

Three EPL games down the line, the questions still remain but suddenly there is an air of confidence surrounding the North London club, which remains the only team to have not yet conceded a single goal this season.

Bleacher Report looks at the positives of Arsenal and says ” While it is premature to label this team a successful one before it has actually done anything of real praise and shown that it can overcome the issues it does still have, it would not be wholly irrational to say that this side has the potential to do things that we have not seen in a while.”

ArseBlog, a popular Arsenal blogger, takes a look at tactical change with Alex Song leaving and the role of Diaby. ” Selling Alex Song means the midfield has been altered, giving Mikel Arteta the holding role. The Spaniard gives Arsenal a technical base to play around while Diaby is now the in-between midfielder. It seems a strange balance at first, because typically, the physical midfielder for Arsenal has always been the deepest but together, they have formed a formidable duo, acting as the platform for the team to defend as a 4-4-1-1 (and allowing Santi Cazorla to roam as the second-striker).”  Hopefully, Abou Diaby 2.0 will be successful this time around.

Thomas Hallet of suggests that, “at this stage, it really does look like Steve Bould has been one of the best acquisitions in recent years for Arsenal. We look to newcomers and forgive their mistakes due to the nature of the Premier League and it’s demands. But why should we be so dismissive of people or players who are able to have an instant impact in English football? Isn’t that exactly what every club would want?” Read his analysis on how Vermaelen no longer makes his attacking runs; how Arteta covers for the fullbacks; Podolski also helps out defensively.

However, three matches is not a season. Many have predicted that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger cannot compete anymore.

Kevin Palmer looks at how Arsene Wenger has been left behind by clubs such as Spurs in the transfer market. The three Arsenal signings have cost the the same amount that they have collected in sales. Once again, Arsene’s transfer dealings make good business sense but is football a business?

Continue reading why Palmer feels ” next summer’s survey by supporter groups may not paint the club’s iconic manager in such a favourable light if this turns into another season of near misses.”

Meanwhile, The Independent looks at how loyalty is dead at Arsenal and how players leave for richer clubs and supporters have become more demanding.

“But Wenger finds himself now with the situation reversed. The old pillars have been eroded. The era of foreign money has almost rendered Arsenal’s self-sustenance irrelevant. Players can no longer be counted on to stay at the club. Fans retweet rage before the ball has even crossed the line.

And Wenger, the old futurist, is reduced to bemoaning collapse of values, raging against the pace of change, wishing things back the way they were, and praying for the creation of his impossible love machine.”

Continue reading why Wenger is still hoping decency and stability are enough to keep his players.

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