Zenit steals spotlight from PSG while City cuts corners


Zenit Petersburg recently splashed around 80 million euros on Hulk and Axel Witsel, two of Europe’s most coveted footballers, and in doing so have momentarily stolen the spotlight from the recent big spenders, PSG and Manchester City. The Guardian analyzes the impact of the double capture and what it means for the club’s chances in the Champions League.

If money talks, then spending £64m in a single day bellows: “Oi! We’re serious about trying to win the Champions League!” Europe can’t help but hear Zenit St Petersburg now. The Russian champions are hardly new kids on the block – after all, they won the Uefa Cup in 2008 and then beat Manchester United in the Super Cup – but Monday’s extravagant double capture of Hulk and Axel Witsel raises their status even higher, representing as it does the first time that a Russian club has lured from western Europe a pair of stars in their prime who were coveted by more prestigious clubs. 

In the meantime, Qatar-backed Paris Saint-Germain, the club that spent nearly 150 million Euros this past summer, is struggling to find form in Ligue 1. Due its heavy reliance on the buy-over-build philosophy, the club’s streak of mediocrity on the playing field has put it under pressure and has resulted in the manager having to go as far as to reveal his tactical plans publicly in order to appease the fans and media. In addition, the Parisian club has come under immense criticism from the French public over what is perceived to be an obscene amount of money being paid to its star striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. PSG’s expensively-assembled team will probably climb up to the top of the league table as time progresses but their recent troubles have highlighted the challenge that free-spending clubs face in getting their star players to perform well as a team.

Another of Europe’s richest clubs, Manchester City, underwhelmed in the recent transfer window but is performing well in the English Premier League so far. Nevertheless, The Abu Dhabi owned club seems to have fallen behind in terms of spending big on capturing top performers to enhance their squad and TKTG recently asked whether City’s transfer business was based on panic or plan.

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