Giroud: Arsenal miss RvP

The French striker missed the Gunners’ best chances in the stalemate with Everton as he continues to struggle to convince he will ever be the man to replace the Dutchman’s goals



Fine margins define seasons less so than fine players, a point no better illustrated than by the moments that ultimately decided Tuesday’s thunderous encounter between Champions League chasers Arsenal and Everton.

The comparison between Robin van Perise and Olivier Giroud has oft been made throughout a campaign of differing fortunes for both men. It remains an unavoidable one.

The Frenchman will end his first term in red and white with at least seven more goals than the Manchester United forward managed in his maiden season in north London, a statistic that paints Giroud’s contribution in a positive but misleading light.

The limpet-like Phil Jagielka, who certainly enjoyed a reputation enhancing evening, did enough to increase the level of difficulty by launching himself in front of Giroud, but when a calmness and clarity of thought were required, the former Montpelier man opted, unsuccessfully, for the sledgehammer approach.

Earlier he had contrived to miss two opportunities from close range when it appeared the odds were stacked in his favour, though his determination and inclination to be in the right place at the right time were worthy of praise.

To constantly ram home the opinion that he is not fit to lace the boots of the man he replaced, however, misses the point. This is a man who was plying his trade in the third tier of French football not too long ago, while Van Persie, destined for greatness ever since he broke through the ranks at Feyenoord, has spent the entirety of his career, when he has been fit enough, at the top end of the game. (TKTG note: so they how did Arsenal manage to get him for a mere 2.75 million pounds?)

Again, it is worth stressing that Giroud has his worth. He has offered far more than many other foreign strikers, past and present, have done in their first seasons in this unique and unforgiving league.

He is popular with his teammates and his name, chanted to the tune of Hey Jude by the Beatles, resonates around Emirates Stadium regardless of his performances.

Unfortunately, the man he replaced used to score when he wanted, or so they sung. Giroud, you sense, will never come close to being as prolific.


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2 Comments on “Giroud: Arsenal miss RvP”

  1. King April 18, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

    he probably wont be the next van persie but that is why we need to add at least another striker to help with the mantle piece. Do you release that if you take away Van Persie’s 20 goals this season away from Manchester United they would not even be on the same level as City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Its so sad to say we have given Manchester UNited the title this year

    • Omer April 19, 2013 at 11:50 am #

      That is true; a second striker is needed. Competition is also good. When you buy the best player in the league you will improve so well played United.

      If he had gone to City the title would have been with them this year.

      Arsenal better get 4th if they want to attract some decent players this summer. Hopefully for Arsenal fans they can add a striker and one or two key players as well.

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